2 Problems

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi !
    Now i have two problems.
    The first one is how to delete this menu after boot -> on demand. Screen of this is in attachment.

    Second problem is that every time i want to multicast, there was an information "This computer was not found in the database, enter a name for it now". On my another server, this problem does not occur

    Sorry for my bad english

  2. clonedeploy

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    That is the normal menu when using on demand mode, you can't remove it. If you don't want to use on demand mode you need to add the computers to the web interface and start your tasks from the webui. That is also the reason you are being asked to enter a name, because the computer has not been added to CD.

  3. I added this computer to CD

  4. First i upload computer, then i want multicast for maybe 10 same pc, but for each one is this information

  5. Also on second server with old version CD i use Demand mode for multicast and there is no any task menu

  6. clonedeploy

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    On demand will always show that menu, it always has, it always will. It has no idea what you want to do so it needs to ask you. That is the point of on demand. If you don't want to see that menu, you need to start the multicast or unicast from the web interface, always been that way. When you start the task from the web it tells the computer what you want to do, so it doesn't need to ask you with a menu.

  7. Okay after weekend i record for you movie, and you will see :D

  8. clonedeploy

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Sounds good.

  9. Of course first i start task in web, then i connect computers to swtich and going to boot

  10. In task menu there is a number of task i start in web

  11. clonedeploy

    12 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Are you sure the mac addresses match the computer? Computer won't pick up on task if they don't. Also are you pxe booting?

  12. But when i upload a computer, and upload is finish i disconnect it from switch.

  13. yes i use pxe booting


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