I'm adding WinPE just as another option, thats all. Your question is a little complicated. The only way to achieve what you are asking is to like you said set pxe as the first option, if a task is present it starts to image otherwise it tries to boot to the hard drive. The problem is that booting to the local hard drive is difficult and there are about 10 different ways it can be done, no universal method that always works. I haven't put any time into that aspect because I think it's a bad idea. Leaving your computer to pxe boot first is a huge security concern. DHCP can be hijacked or your CloneDeploy server, in which someone could cause countless hours of damage. It's something I just don't recommend and will never recommend to use CloneDeploy in that way. You could look into WOL. Many computers can be configured to pxe boot one time when using WOL, the other is FOG, I believe they have implemented many options to correctly boot to the local hard drive