DHCP on freenas and windows servers 2008

  1. 2 years ago
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    Hello i have installed clonedeploy on freenas 9.3, everything is ok, but when i try to boot a pc for deploy or upload the dhcp does not respond, it keeps searching but no dhcp, do i want enable the dhcp on freenas somehow? i can't see any dhcp in services.
    i put ip for
    Freenas server:
    ip4: (at network-global configuration-IPv4 default gateway)
    clonedeploy jail:

  2. I've installed clonedeploy and in windows server 2008 r2 too, but i have the same problem with dhcp, i have installed and in windows 10 but it runs smoothly, but i want to installed in server or freenas because i want to deploy in more users than 20 (limitation of windows)

  3. clonedeploy

    15 Sep 2016 Administrator

    What are you currently using for your DHCP server?
    FreeNAS does not have a DHCP Server.
    Windows server does not have a 20 user limit.

  4. how can i create a dhcp server in freenas? i follow all the instructions you gave.

  5. i've made three servers:

    1. Windows 10 - operates ok (but 20 users limitation)
    2. windows server 2008 r2 (DHCP problem)
    3. Freenas 9.3 (DHCP problem)
  6. clonedeploy

    15 Sep 2016 Administrator

    You can't, as far as know FreeNAS does not have a dhcp server.

  7. so, how can i deploy-upload images from Clonedeploy in a freenas server?

  8. clonedeploy

    15 Sep 2016 Administrator

    you need to have a dhcp server running on another machine, do you currently have any dhcp servers?

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    that's right, you are the best, the last seven hours i was trying to make it boot, but i didn't think the obvious, THE DHCP SERVER, i'm so dumb, thank you very much. Clonedeploy is the best!!!!! :-)


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