Can not deploy, no active task

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm new with Clone Deploy, but so far i was able to set it up and uploaded a image.
    Once i want to deploy that image to the same or a different computer (same hardware) there is no active task created for that computer.
    Active tasks stays empty. (when i choose upload a task is created, just not when i choose deploy

    I did select the image and the default profile to both computers.

    Any help is appriciated

    Best Regards.

  2. clonedeploy

    16 Sep 2016 Administrator

    I can't immediately think of a reason why you could start an upload task but not deploy. Is there anything in the exception log? Are you starting the task from the computers page or from the tasks page.

  3. I deploy from the task page. When i try to do it from the computer pages i got the message, image is not approved. When i try to do that on the image page i got the message could not approve image.

  4. clonedeploy

    16 Sep 2016 Administrator

    What version are you running?

  5. CloneDeploy 1.1.0

  6. clonedeploy

    16 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Can you try updating to 1.1.1

  7. Downloaded the patch.
    How do i update?

  8. clonedeploy

    16 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Directions are on the page with the link i sent

  9. Now on version 1.1.1.
    I have a task now. Will let you know if a deploy works..

  10. Works !


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