Only 2 computers can receive an image concurrently

  1. 2 years ago

    I installed Clonedeploy server on Windows 10 Home. When trying to deploy one image to three computers at the same time, only two computers could receive the image concurrently. The third computer showed a message that it was waiting on a queue to become available. After the first computer finished its image the computer that had been waiting for a queue began its image deployment and it finished successfully.

    So, is there a limit on how many images can be deployed concurrently when clonedeploy server is install on a Windows 10 Home OS? Perhaps this is related to IIS concurrent connections on a "home" edition of the OS? Windows 10 is supposed to handle up to 10 concurrent connections to a single share, so it appears this issue is not with limitation of the Windows 10 Home OS. Or could I have some issue with my installation of clonedeploy server?

    Is there any way to have my Windows 10 Home clonedeploy server allow more than 2 images to be deployed at the same time?

  2. clonedeploy

    28 Sep 2016 Administrator

    2 is the default setting. You can change it in:
    Admin->Client->Queue Size

  3. last year
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    Where is this setting in 1.3.0?
    I can't find it there, there is just a 'global computer arguments' setting and nothing else.
    Also, in 1.2.1 I could image at least 10 computers simultaneously, now in 1.3.0 I'm also getting this message, even though there are no other computers imaging and no other tasks active.

  4. clonedeploy

    19 Oct 2017 Administrator

    This setting is now stored under each distribution point.

  5. Yes, found it!

  6. What is the max or recommended max for this?

  7. clonedeploy

    30 Oct 2017 Administrator

    That's difficult to answer.
    Depends on your storage and network.

    The default value of 2 or 3 was designed for running on standard desktop computer, single spindle drive, with 1gb network. The more hard drives, or better yet ssd's on your server the higher you can go.

    It won't hurt to try different numbers. If you go too high and imaging is too slow, then back down until you find a happy medium.


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