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Same issue here, can't upload or deploy images.


  • \\server.domain.local\cd with images
  • permissions: cd_share_rw (full) cd_share_ro (ro)
  • clonedeploy on windows 8.1, not working, i get the mentioned error, i followed the guide (http://clonedeploy.org/docs/changing-the-image-storage-location/ ) but i can't add permissions to program files\... for IIS AppPool\CloneDeploy > i can't find that. Anyway, i followed all other steps. the clonedeployserveruser is member of the local IIS_ISUSRS group, app_pool is running as clonedeployserveruser

i also tried to put that share on a different host

What works:

  • use a share created on the same machine clonedeploy is running
  • using the same files as hosted on the file servers...

I'm playing around for hours now, I'm stuck.

where can I get exception log?