Multicast Bug(??) Some PCs will only multicast.

  1. last year
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    Multicast was set as an option, and the multicast was executed by setting it as shown in figure (5).

    however, As shown in the figure, multicast runs only two out of three and one does not respond. Where do I set this option?

    Or is it a real bug?

    Thank you for your teaching.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. clonedeploy

    18 Dec 2016 Administrator

    This doesn't appear to be a multicast issue. Can you deploy a unicast task to this machine?

  3. Unicast works fine. When I test it with 3 PCs with multicast, I get the same error as the picture.

  4. clonedeploy

    18 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Doesn't really make sense, the multicast hasn't even started yet. It doesn't start until the image transfer is started. It seems like your smb share is only allowing 2 connections for some reason. If you try to do a unicast to all 3 computers at the same time what happens?

  5. I will try to unicast 3 PCs at the same time tomorrow.


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