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Switching between ipxe and pxelinux

  1. last year

    I had a small problem when I changed the pxemode in the admin setting from previously ipxe to pxelinux (because I had some Dell servers that did not boot with ipxe).

    I had permanent active tasks for some machines and had the pxe-files "mac.ipxe" for them.
    Then I switch to pxelinux.
    If I then go to "Computers" and select one of those machines and try to open the "Boot menu", the gui tries to find the pxe-config-file for the machines but now without the extension ".ipxe".

    This file didn't exist and so it shows "Could Not Read File" (FileOps.cs )

    To fix I had to recreate the permanent tasks.

  2. Just as an update to this problem, I had the same now when switching to "Proxy DHCP".
    After the switch CD is searching under C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\tftpboot\proxy\bios\pxelinux.cfg\...
    for the active task file, but it is an permanent active task from before the change to Proxy-DHCP.

    Maybe there could be a process that automatically recreates all active Tasks when switching (maybe with confirmation).

    And many thanks, I see you are still working on 1.3 sending new commits :)