I'm starting using the clonedeploy migrating from a working crucible environment and I have several problems that I'm starting to investigate in the last few days.

The first problem is that in the menu of the bootable CD/USB the "Client Console" menu item is missing, I can see only the following items:

  • Boot to local machine
  • Download image
  • Upload image
  • Add Computer
  • On Demand
  • Diagnostics

The very strange thing is that also the menu customization is not working, the resulting generation of the menu is completely ignored (I tried just to change the "Boot Menu" label to "Clonedeploy Boot Menu" for example).

This prevents me to debug also the other problems because I can't access the console to launch some commands from the deployed client machine.

The CD/USB has been created following the instructions and by copying the result of the "ISO/USB Generator" function into the ISO/USB image.

I've used the last version of clone deploy and installed it on a windows server 2012 R2 virtualized server.

Any suggestion?

thanks in advance