Could not mount SMB share

  1. last year
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    Hi Everyone

    May you please assist me with this, i have been using clone deploy for sometime, but now it gives me a "system error 86" and "a drive with the name 's' does not exist ... when i try to upload an image.

    The attached images view the errors that come up every time i try to upload. However the imaging works well when i deploy. please assist?

  2. I do not see any attached images.

  3. Hi Spiker985

    Im sorry, here are the pictures, i have also just edited my post

  4. clonedeploy

    21 Apr 2017 Administrator

    The error says an incorrect password was used. Follow this troubleshooting guide.

  5. Agreed, had this happen to me when the NTFS permissions crapped out. Recreating the cd_share_rw and cd_share_ro did not fix it for me though. I hope a simple password change works for you.

  6. This is what i get now

  7. clonedeploy

    2 May 2017 Administrator

    Did you create the WinPE from Windows 10?

  8. Edited last year by Innocent

    yes i did, was i supposed to use something else?

  9. clonedeploy

    3 May 2017 Administrator

    No, have you tried the Linux imaging environment? That is what most people use.

  10. I have not tried the Linux environment. is it the only solution to this?


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