How to: Modify PXE Boot Options

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    I'm still pretty new to the CloneDeploy structure. I attempted and failed to get it to work on FreeNAS, since then have it running from Win10VM. It all seems pretty well and good, and I've gone through the entire process a few times now. I feel semi familiar with all of the folder structure. I've built WinPE a few different times from XP to Windows 10 now. So I might be over thinking it, rather ask than not.

    1. Is there a walk through on how to modify/change/add additional WinPE PXE boot options? For example, the script for deploy and upload, then an additional WinPE for troubleshooting? If so, can someone share a link - thank you in advance.

    2. Has anyone attempted to see if CloneDeploy can be used as a means for ThinClient distribution? I see some forum postings and web sites that hint at it, but seems people are pretty closed off on how they did it.

    Thanks and much appreciate this product.

  2. clonedeploy

    25 Apr 2017 Administrator

    The winpe boot menu cannot be changed. If using winpe it will always load the clonedeploy scripts. You can press Ctrl+C to exit to a shell if you want to run some custom commands, or you can modify the CloneDeploy core scripts. If you want full control over the boot menu, you need to use the Linux imaging environment. The winpe imaging environment isn't used too often, most people use the linux environment.

    As far as thin client, you would need to set use the linux environment and modify the boot menu to load the thin client, or redirect to the thin client server.


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