Multicast Throttle

  1. 4 months ago

    Hello. Is there a way to throttle the multicast speeds when deploying? Not that I should complain, but when I multicast an image to 4 clients, it was sending at 4.0Gbps and other network devices are slowing down. I'm hoping there is a switch I can set to reduce the deployment speeds. Thanks!

    You can use both.

    --blocksize 700 --max-bitrate 100m
  2. clonedeploy

    Jun 6 Administrator

    Admin->Multicast->Sender Arguments

    Try setting the max bitrate in megabits

    --max-bitrate 100m
  3. Ok, right now in Sender Arguments, I have the setting of --blocksize 700. Will this affect anything if I take it out and add --max-bitrate 100m?

  4. clonedeploy

    Jun 6 Administrator Answer

    You can use both.

    --blocksize 700 --max-bitrate 100m
  5. Worked like a charm! I went from 4GB/min to around 650MB/min and the other devices aren't being bogged down. Thanks so much!


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