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    Figured I should post it here also.

    Development of CloneDeploy has officially been stopped. Thank you to all of the supporters over the years. At this point in my life I simply cannot find the time to continue working on CloneDeploy. I had hoped a stronger community would come along to move the project forward but with all aspects of the project resting solely on me I have decided to move on. This site will be shutdown at the beginning of August. Thanks again.

    -Update below (hint - still being developed)

  2. Hi - I just discovered your phenomenal program this week. I have yet to use it but can't wait :) Can we discuss what it would take for me to keep this site up for you and the community? I've tried many imaging utilities and your seems so superior to me I am stunned. I will be using it this week, as soon as I have time. I would hate to see this all disappear.

  3. I am sorry to hear of the decision to stop the support of this awesome product. I do use this everyday and almost everyday I check in to see if there is anything new that is up on this site. What can we do to help you?

  4. I have been using this for almost 2 years and am very sad to see it go, this is by far the best imaging option out there. If there is any chance to keep this going I am willing to lend a hand, thanks for your hard work. :)

  5. I have also been using this software for the past 18 months, and the time and effort you alone have put into this is crazy!
    I echo JPA24 in saying this imaging option is far better than other free solutions (FOG). As cliffmcp says Is there anything we can do to help?

  6. Hi. Thanks for all your efforts on this. I'm pretty sure out there are more people wiiling to help you. i know is your call and we respect that. All i ask you is to reconsider. Why dont try to get the whole team before continuing the development. As already you may note english is not my primary language and i'm not a programmer either, i'm just a lan admin that begun to test your software but i'm willing to help wheres'needed. Any way, again, thank you. Clone Deploy is not another software it was a really needed hope solution for the community.

  7. Hi. We as community need CloneDeploy. So before you will make your final decision please contact me.

    I can take care of hosting expenses, forum management, advertising, UI development ... My company also can donate some $ amount to help you stay motivated and continue development.

    Please let me know what you think and what we can do to keep this project alive.

  8. Hi could you at least wait a few weeks before pulling the plug? I understand where you are coming from but maybe the user community can rally in a way that's satisfactory to you. Maybe one of us can set up some kind of directed donation system so people can get paid to do specific things (or soemthign like that, anything, really). All I'm saying is that I think you should wait before you do this because it's really disappointing.

  9. BTW have any pro-active steps to get community involvement going been taken? I realise that as the thus-far sole author of the code you may understandably resent any extra burden, but I don't know that simply putting something online (as amazingly good as it is) is enough to turn something into a comminity effort. Have you even made a list of features you'd like others to worko on?

  10. Hello Jon,

    My name is Jonathan, I am new to the clone deploy community. I would like to cover the cost of your domain and hosting expenses. You can email me at jrowell3@icloud.com

  11. clonedeploy

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your kind words and offers. CloneDeploy has never been about money or recognition. I believe in open source software and the benefit it provides to the IT community. That's why my site will never have ads and the software will remain 100% open and free. Some of you are dwelling on the fact that I cited a lack of community contributions as my reason for stopping development. While it was a factor in my decision, it was far from the main reason. At some point along the way, it just stopped being something I enjoyed doing. The forums have a lot to do with that. Answering the same questions over and over can be exhausting. Many people expect me to do the work for them instead of putting the time and effort in themselves. The overall deciding factor was that I simply don't think CloneDeploy lived up to the expectations that I had set for it, maybe I tried to set the bar too high. There are still so many things that I want to do and it's frustrating that I haven't been able to get them done. Like I said I just don't have the time right now to take it to that level and it actually becomes a disservice to those of you depending on it. As an example, I still have not added support for macOS Sierra and it's been out for almost a year. It's not fair for people to just keep waiting and waiting for it to be supported. I had hoped the site would become a place to discuss all things imaging, not just CloneDeploy. To make a great resource for others to use for sysprep, driver injection , custom scripts, video tutorials, basically to share there stories on how they get the job done, and you are correct that I never really asked.

    So, here is what I am willing to do. I will keep the site up and continue development but I cannot make it a priority to develop, I will do it here and there when I have free time. My time spent in the forums will also be very limited. 1.3.0 has been a big challenge and if I can get over that hurtle, providing ongoing maintenance releases should be fairly easy.



  12. Jon,

    May be, before you will continue development, you should spend some time and tell us how we can help ? I love open source products and use them a lot in production every day. But I also understand how important is developer's time. So I think we should start from donations. I'll be back from business trip next week and I will donate some $. Also, please, open new forum discussion about donations (or I can do it, if you don't mind).
    Next step could be decision on forum (low level) admin. May be you should pickup one active user and give him rights to clean up and pin messages?
    How about testing CD ? Let's have pinned discussion and call for testers.
    Video tutorials? - do you have youtube channel ? If no, we can open one and upload "how to.." videos.

    And let's rename this topic to Feature of CD :)

    Thank you!

  13. Jon,

    It is so sad to hear that you are planning to stop Clone deploy. We love your product and use it in our company.

    Please don't stop CD.

    Jithin Sebastian

  14. clonedeploy

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    The first thing I need to do is get 1.3.0 in a usable state so that testing can begin. It's almost there. The backend has changed significantly and will require a lot of testing before I feel comfortable releasing a stable version.

    I don't plan on directly asking people for money. The donation option is there for those that wish to, but I don't want make people feel obligated. More money will not effect the outcome of the project. If you wish to start a thread feel free.

    I can give someone moderator rights but I have no idea who that would be.

    There is a youtube channel here.

  15. Edited 2 months ago by vbourke

    I had hoped the site would become a place to discuss all things imaging, not just CloneDeploy. To make a great resource for others to use for sysprep, driver injection , custom scripts, video tutorials, basically to share there stories on how they get the job done, and you are correct that I never really asked.

    Well then, let's get this party started! Using your program and these forums, I've learned a great deal about imaging, and even surprised myself during a few steps along the way. If you make a spot for general discussion I'll make sure to post all that I've done so far. I'd love for this to be something like the SpiceWorks forums of Imaging one day!

  16. Hi CloneDeploy,

    Thanks so much for this tool, and for offering to continue development. This is a phenomenal tool you've created.

    I've noticed in OSX Sierra, the computer renaming doesn't seem to work. Please let me know how I can assist in debugging that feature!

    Also, it seems that the Permanent Deploy doesn't actually remain Permanent (disappears from the Permanent task list after one deployment). Please let me know how I can help debug that as well.

    Thanks again!

  17. Again, I understand your sentiments. Support work is exhausting and it does wear on your. You have been very kind in answer my own questions. I understand the beauty and complexity of the backend and the many many parts that need to work. Those are never easy and things do break. I would love to add instructions to the website on the problems I have encounter.

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    I have created the general discussion channel. Eventually I would like to get something into the main website.

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    Thank you. That was very generous of you. I'm still moving forward but new challenges are arising everyday. MacOS High Sierra is will be difficult with the change to Apple File System. The latest version of Windows 10 also has some new challenges, hopefully I can get it all figured out.

  20. 6 days ago

    Hello Jon (and everyone else of course),

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for all your hard work on CloneDeploy.
    I haven't yet used it in live environments, but I can clearly see what it can do and how much time and work went into it.

    I am a systems administrator with also a lot of experience in giving trainings, workshops and writing manuals. Before I became an admin, I also worked on support for several years. Not 'normal' IT-support though, but support related to the (IT) products/solutions the company I then worked for, sold.

    So I completely recognize your claim that giving support takes up a lot of time. You're probably a developer/sysadmin hybrid :-) and you like to create a very nice and useful tool for a lot of people, but then you also have to manage the community and provide support.

    With regard to support: I noticed there aren't a whole lot of how-to's on the website. In the Documentation part you have some 'first steps', but none of them are fully featured step-by-step How-to's. For example, none of them seem to describe the usage of Sysprep and the creation of unattend.xml files. Sure, on the forum there are some topics where this is covered, but nothing comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

    And there are many more tools that can be used in conjunction with CloneDeploy to make everything just a bit easier to use and manage.

    First of all, I'll get CD up-and-running myself and figure out how to use everything. I'd then be more than willing to write some (technical) How-to's and step-by-steps. Perhaps it would be best to set-up a Wiki for this, as I'm sure there are more people here willing to write their own how-to's.

    (And on a final note: on my primary email address I never received the confirmation email for this forum. I had to create a second account with my gmail address. I know 100% sure the message is not in the spam box. If more potential users have this problem - there is no other way to contact you except the forum to let you know :))

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