After update Errors deploying/updloading

  1. last year
    Edited last year by JacobK

    After the most recent update i can't push or pull any images from my machines, I'm getting these errors from the core scripts:
    /bin/cd_global_functions: line 3: $ '\r' : command not found
    /bin/cd_global_functions: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token '$'\r' '
    /bin/cd_global_functions: line 4: 'function set_curl_command()
    /bin/cd_push: line 785: log_boot_args: command not found
    /bin/cd_push: line 807: checkin: command not found
    /bin/cd_push: line 815: log: command not found
    /bin/cd_push: line 818: parse_json: command not found
    ** Queue Is Full, waiting for open slot **
    /bin/cd_push: line 822: parse_json: command not found
    .............. Current Position

  2. Updating the Image in CloneDeploy seems to have fixed the issue.


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