I'm having trouble uploading a new image from a new iMac model 18,2. This is the 4k Retina iMac with USB-C and the dreaded Fusion drive. When attempting to upload a full image I get this error: "/bin/cd_pull: line 354: * 1000 * 1000 : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "* 1000 * 1000")". When attempting to just upload the schema I cannot view the schema in the web interface and if I look at it in a text editor it appears to have no UUID for the drive. Here is what the schema reads:

{"harddrives": [ {"name":"/dev/sda","size":"1953525168","table":"mbr","boot":"","lbs":"512","pbs":"4096","guid":"","active":"true","partitions": [ ,{"name":"/dev/nvme0n1","size":"6835938","table":"mbr","boot":"","lbs":"4096","pbs":"4096","guid":"","active":"true","partitions": [ ] }

I've also attached a log from uploading that schema