Installation Documentation for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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    Ok, so, I am sharing my notes from my installation to assist others building similar to me. (I will go back and add snippits of my configs to reference.)

    The metal:
    3 drives (ssd for OS, 2 mechanical for image storage in raid 1 for redundancy)
    2 NICs (one for internet, one for isolated imaging network)

    The roles:
    DHCP server
    TFTP server
    SMB server
    CloneDeploy server
    CloneDeploy proxy server


    1. Start with configuring the machine, setting up your drives in your raid controller, etc.
    2. Install the OS. While installing, make sure something is plugged into each NIC (this makes things easier to work with in the GUI later) One needs to be on the scope that you intend to use for imaging. I also modified my interfaces file to make stick.
    3. Once the OS is installed, map your storage drive and edit your fstab to auto mount at boot.
    4. Static IP each of your NICs as a place marker.
    5. Install isc-dhcp-server and configure to match your NICs and scope information. Make sure you have option 60 enabled!
    6. Install CloneDeploy as documented. Modify the instructions to suit storage locatons, ip addresses, etc.
    7. Install CloneDeploy proxy. You will need to modify the proxy config file to disable a few options and reflect the DHCP server ip.
    8. Within the web interface, enable proxy.


    • If you want to add things like memtest, or boot from iso's, etc, they need to go into the /tftpboot/proxy/ (bios,efi32,efi64) folders accordingly. This may not be 100% correct, so someone can correct me or add to.
    • By configuring this way, Apple will not work.



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