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"Total Tasks" stuck in queue

  1. last year


    I attempted to clone not many computers, but performed the operation multiple times. I had just misdone the version 1.2.1 update to 1.3.0 and thanks to your assistance was able to get back on the right track ( ). Now when cloning I receive the following message:

    ** Creating Active Task **

    • * Checking Current Queue **
    • * Queue Is Full, Waiting For Open Slot **

    ......Current Position 1

    I examined the Active tasks in the web interface and although it says I have now 12 Total Tasks, it does not show me any of them. Nor are they in the banner at the bottom. I thought I had patched to version 1.3.1 by merging files but the web interface still tells me the version number in the top-left to be 1.3.0. I clicked the nice "Cancel All Tasks" button but that look like it did something, but didn't change my task total. I clicked on the options on the left (i.e. "Active Unicasts" & "Active Multicasts" & "Permanent Tasks") but they tell me 0 Total Unicast/Multicast/Permanent Tasks.


    On a side note I noticed that my Primary Distribution Point information appears to not be able to read the storage on my connected file share like it had in the past, however I was able to upload an image to it and during the cloning process the computer will successfully mount and had both uploaded and deployed an image from it.


    Any ideas?,

    Should be pretty simple, just run this from mysql cli

    delete FROM active_imaging_tasks;

    Then verify you can create and cancel new tasks and the number goes down

  2. Excellent, after logging into mysql and remembering to change my database with "use <databasename>" seen in the image. The 12 Tasks were removed.


    I can verify that the web interface had 0 Total Tasks, and now I can actually see the Tasks at the bottom and in Active Unicasts. I decided to give it another test and after adding a task, I clicked the Cancel All Task button yet again, and the tasks were removed and everything looks to be back to normal. This new task I added from the web interface, note that I tend to make the tasks when booting the computer to iPXE via CloneDeployProxyDHCP using the simplified menu (in case that helps diagnose).


    I will be attempting to upload an image and get back to you after the expected success.

    Perhaps the real Doctor Who is you.