Cannot Search In Groups

  1. last year

    Hello and thanks for a great update in 1.3.0. Especially like using the cd_proxyd to bridge the gap for MBR/BIOS and GPT/EFI enabled computers.

    I think I found a bug while setting up a group. After creating a new group, I attempted add computers to it using the search function in add computers. It did not filter out only my search term and instead returned all computers that are associated in CD. I did a brief search but did not see this reported yet in the bugs channel. Other than that, it seems to be working great. Thanks for a great Open Source product.

  2. Oops I'll update and see if this bug still exists.

  3. clonedeploy

    7 Dec 2017 Administrator

    Confirmed. Thanks, I'll have it fixed in the next patch.

  4. clonedeploy

    12 Dec 2017 Administrator

    Fixed in 1.3.3


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