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  1. 10 months ago

    Hi All

    Installed and imaged 4 pc's with ease, just trying to import all my PCs connected to my network (110)

    Setup a csv file with the headers as per the help but it always says 0 computers uploaded.

    copy of import attached, file type changed to txt as form wont allow csv file types

    Thanks in advance

  2. clonedeploy

    11 Dec 2017 Administrator

    Some of the help is still outdated since the release of 1.3. Still trying to catch up. You need another field at the end

    Leave it blank

  3. clonedeploy

    11 Dec 2017 Administrator

    You will need colons for every two characters in the mac address. You should be able to use excel or notepad++ to easily add them in.

  4. Nice one, will try now.

  5. Awesome, worked perfect.

    Amazing Software by the way :)


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