Couldn't contact CD Server

  1. 9 months ago

    Imaged machine week ago. Restarted CD server, now have this error (attached).

    Web ui works fine, I can login do changes etc. But I can't access

  2. Attached log

  3. clonedeploy

    19 Dec 2017 Administrator

    What version are you running, your posts are contradicting. The log appears to be from 1.3.x but your screenshot is from 1.2.x

  4. Hm. I am running latest version 1.3.3. and I took screen shot from machine booting to 1.3.3.

  5. Edited 9 months ago by r27

    Sorry v 1.3.2. I upgraded to 1.3.3 and got this error. Then I went back (restored vm ) to v 1.3.2 which was working fine and I imaged 2 different machines week ago. Log and screenshot taken from 1.3.2.

  6. found problem - Using Proxy DHCP option was selected. But Proxy DHCP was not running.


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