Multicast fail on windows and linux version

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    11 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Can you attach the multicast log from admin->logs?

  3. clonedeploy

    11 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Also, is there a reason you are using winpe instead of the Linux imaging environment?

  4. I thank you for your answer. I send in attach jpg file multicast logs.
    I work with more clients Hp Probook 430 g4 with windows 10 64 enterprise, and i can't boot on it with Linux imaging environnement. I have tried all available 64-bit clonedeploy boot client , and no running on my client 's PC .
    When I boot with the linux environment the PC freezes. If you have other kernel version to launch the clonedeploy client environment I'm more interested.

  5. I forgot the log file ...

  6. I send a video MOV file . Rename it with mov extension.
    The boot environnement is linux 4.5x64
    The pc freeze maybe i must add an argument before doing usb generation


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