invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 5

  1. 9 months ago

    I can't log into my server on laptops. I get the following:
    IP Address:
    **You Must Be Logged In To Continue **

    Username: (I enter our UN)
    Password: (enter PW)
    parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 5

    ...... Incorrect Login


    I have no trouble logging in on a desktop.

  2. I really need help with this I have a lot of laptops I need to image ASAP. Can someone please help me with this issue?

  3. clonedeploy

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Looks like a driver for the nic wasn't found since the ip address is empty. What version of CloneDeploy and what kernel are you using?

  4. Version 1.0.1
    Kernel 3.18.1

  5. clonedeploy

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    That's pretty old, the easiest thing at this point would be to download the latest kernel.

    Put it in your tftpboot-> kernels folder.
    Create a new default boot menu with that kernel.

    If you are using web tasks instead of ondemand, you need to update the image profile to use that kernel.

  6. I downloaded the kernel. How do you create a new default boot menu?

  7. clonedeploy

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Admin->boot menu->select the kernel from the drop down->click create boot files

  8. Thank you I am going to try a laptop now.

  9. That fixed that issue. I am going to see if it might have fixed my desktop issue also. It was a different issue so who knows.

  10. I got logged in and I told it to upload an image and it is now stalled at
    ** Creating Image Schema **
    Any idea what the issue is now?

  11. clonedeploy

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    The computer was probably once efi and then reinstalled as bios. If it's a bios image, go to the image profile, upload options and check remove gpt structures. Don't do this if it's an efi image.


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