iso image upload error

  1. 8 months ago
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    when ever i upload an iso image i get this error, any ideas how can i fix it?

    Application Exception
    Upload size exceeds httpRuntime limit.
    Description: HTTP 500.Error processing request.

    Details: Error processing request.

    Exception stack trace:
    at System.Web.HttpRequest.MakeInputStream () [0x00069] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.HttpRequest.get_InputStream () [0x00008] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.HttpRequest.LoadMultiPart () [0x00015] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.HttpRequest.get_FormUnvalidated () [0x0002c] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.HttpRequest.get_Form () [0x00000] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.UI.Page.DeterminePostBackMode () [0x0003a] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.UI.Page.InternalProcessRequest () [0x0001b] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0 at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequest (System.Web.HttpContext context) [0x0005f] in <1a9312d30f3840419e97ecbc4eee4d50>:0
    Version Information: (tarball Wed Mar 7 15:25:20 UTC 2018); ASP.NET Version: 4.0.30319.42000
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  2. clonedeploy

    15 Mar 2018 Administrator

    Looks like you are trying to import an iso. That's not how CloneDeploy works. CloneDeploy only uploads images from other computers.

  3. i am uploading an iso, so i should upload a file with img in the end?


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