Computer Logging?

  1. 8 months ago

    Is there a way to turn off the option to log computers? I would like CD to treat every computer as if it were a new computer every time.

  2. clonedeploy

    17 Apr 2018 Administrator

    I'm not sure that I'm following you. The log doesn't change the behavior of anything. It's just historical data.

  3. Currently, if I want to change a computer name and the computer is already in the system it will not allow me to rename it. I may have something set up incorrectly... I use on demand for everything.

  4. clonedeploy

    17 Apr 2018 Administrator Answer

    When setting the computer name from on demand, it automatically registers the computer under that name. From then on it always uses that name, you need to either change it in the gui or delete it. There is an option to disable registration, but the problem is that you won't be prompted for a computer name. I'll need to add another option in a future release to disable registration but still prompt for a computer name.

  5. Ok, Thanks

  6. Where is this information stored? I can probably just write a simple script to delete it every time?

  7. clonedeploy

    18 Apr 2018 Administrator

    It is in the database, you could use the api to delete the computers or the easiest way would probably be just to modify the core scripts to prompt for a computer name even when registration is disabled.


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