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  1. last week

    Hi Goodday,

    im new with clonedeploy. where can i find the upload and deploy logs? i have difficulties cloning windows 10 computers.


  2. clonedeploy

    May 9 Administrator

    If registered

    if not registered
    admin settings->logs->on demand

  3. Edited last week by chrisroxs

    hi admin,

    need some help, this is the steps i have been made during upload.

    1. i have 3 thinkcentre all in one desktop that has oem windwos 10 os.
    2. i use 1 computer to installed application and perform sysprep.
    3. i set uefi on bios and perform upload on clone deploy, error appeared (EFI VARIABLES NOT SUPPORTED)
    4. i tested capture image on the other computer and during deploy it has an error appeared and it suddenly shutdown the unit.

    attached error during deploying windows 10 image.

  4. clonedeploy

    May 10 Administrator

    The efi variables error is normal if you aren't booting from efi. The deploy error is obviously a problem, you are the second person with this error this week and it's the first time I've seen it. What build of Windows 10 is this, can you attach the upload log?

  5. build 1709, i think the problem is with the new build of windows 10, i use clonedeploy last may 2017 with the same model of desktop lenovo thinkcentre, build 1607 windows 10,no problems encounter.

  6. clonedeploy

    May 11 Administrator

    Yes, I think something is going on with 1709. Sorry but that's the deploy log, do you have the upload log?

  7. had many upload because i try different settings like pxe mode/different kernel's/proxy dchp, but i have no luck to deploy it. grrr.... :D


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