macOS Imaging Environment Issue

  1. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by jgutierrezg

    Hello, today I implemented CloneDeploy in my company, but at the moment of uploading the image of the macOS computer it generates the following error:

    "** An Error Has Occurred **
    ...imaging the environment for the image does not matchthe currently loaded environment".

    I tried to fix it like it says here: (see attached)

    But the problem persists.

    Forgive my bad English. ;)

  2. clonedeploy

    Jun 18 Administrator

    Are you using the mac environment or the linux? Is your image type set to macos?

  3. I am using linux environment (CentOS 7), the image is macos.

  4. clonedeploy

    Jun 21 Administrator

    Did you follow this guide?

  5. I already did what appears in that link, now I am following these steps:
    and point 5 of Upload an image does not work

  6. This is the error (se attached)

  7. clonedeploy

    Jun 21 Administrator

    That's not the mac imaging environment. Did you setup the proxy service to handle apple netboot?

  8. I didn't set up the proxy, I was hoping to do it for usb.
    because I have a windows server with WDS service by pxe.

  9. clonedeploy

    Jun 26 Administrator

    When you build the dmg using autoclonedeploynbi, you can use diskutil to copy it to a usb drive.


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