Don't save the changes in the menu + ipv4 UEFI boot don't work :(

  1. 4 months ago


    I'm new here and i have a question.
    I have try to run CloneDeploy on Ipv4 (UEFI) but it don't work.

    I read the forum and i saw that i must change the PXE and then create new bootfiles.
    Problem is that when i change it ... he don't save the changes ?

    I set 14.6 --> 13.2 but when i click on make bootfiles and i going to another tab and i go back, then its not change ... it stay whole the time on 14.6 ?

    I'm working with a Windows 10 Enterprise as server.
    Can you help me please ? :)

  2. clonedeploy

    Jun 22 Administrator

    It's not supposed to save. It's a one time setting to create the boot menu, then reverts back to default. Each time you modify the boot menu, which shouldn't be very often, you need to select a kernel.

    Are you using proxydhcp?
    What is your pxe mode set as?

  3. Hi,

    Ah owkay ;) i see that indeed in the bootmenu file.

    I use CloneDeploy DHCP and that works perfect for legancy boot but not for Pxe over ipv4.
    PXE mode set as proxy bios mode = pxelinux / efi32 = ipxe_efi / efi64 = ipex_efi

    My destination is that i take a device and that it works on efi and legacy :)

  4. clonedeploy

    Jun 22 Administrator

    Do you have secure boot disabled?

  5. Nope .. is on ...

  6. clonedeploy

    Jun 22 Administrator

    Won't work with it on with pxe. Only usb bootable supports secure boot and even then it's spotty.

  7. When i disable secure boot it must work ?

  8. clonedeploy

    Jun 22 Administrator

    It should.

  9. Yes! indeed! it works :D

  10. clonedeploy

    Jun 22 Administrator

    If interested here is a thread I started about why it can't work with secure boot.

  11. I am responsible for 16 schools and I am looking for a simple solution for charging and configuring computers in Clonedeploy ;)

    And thx! ;)


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