On demand option on boot menu

  1. 4 months ago


    when the client boots and i see the boot menu from clone deploy. i only see 3 options.

    1. boot to local machine.
    2. Clone deploy
    3. client console

    where are the other options like "on demand"? i select clone deploy and then next thing i see is

    "this computer is not registered . no active web tasks were found for this computer. starting registration. ip address 192.168.*.* ***. you must be logged in to continue***." below that i see "username: ". how do i get to the "on demand" option?

  2. clonedeploy

    Aug 4 Administrator

    After you login you will get an option to use on demand.

  3. For ondemand, why it's asking me to login. I just want the client to do network boot and it should automatically contact the clonedeploy server and then start loading the image on the client.

    For my security settings I have
    On Demand Mode: Enabled
    Debug Requires Login: Yes
    On Demand Requires Login: No
    Add Computer Requires Login: Yes
    Web Tasks Require Login: No
    Clobber Mode Requires Login: Yes


  4. clonedeploy

    Aug 5 Administrator

    On demand mode means you pick an image from a list after the client boots. If you want imaging to start automatically, you need to register the machine, then assign it an image in the webui and start a task from the webui.

    You need to also set add computer requires login to no. Remember to regenerate your boot menu after making the change.

  5. hi thanks for your help so far.

    What if i want to for network boot and load image without adding the client. i don't want to add every computer to clone deploy. Some computers i just want to network boot and load the image.

    FYI, I did not regenerate the boot menu after making the changes. I will try this.


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