follow up to bluescreening

  1. 2 months ago

    I reached a work around to my bluescreenng-after-deploying problem. I had 4 models of computer bluescreen once they were imaged. The log files were all normal so that pointed to some other issue. I made the bluescreening go away by unchecking "rename computer" in deployment options but of course I would like the computer to be renamed. We don't use sysprep so there is no answer file. What causes the renaming to become a problem and is there a solution? I read in another post that not using sysprep eventually leads to problems with the imaging. Is this true and should we get more sophisticated to avoid these issues?

  2. clonedeploy

    Oct 1 Administrator

    When sysprep isn't used, CloneDeploy changes the computername in the registry. I've never heard of this causing a blue screen. Sysprep would be your best bet though. CloneDeploy would modify the answer file with the updated name, avoiding the registry change, and probably resolve your issue.


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