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    Fri Aug 4 15:28:00 2017
    clonedeploy posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    The script just looks at how it was booted assuming the hd boot type would match. This is so it supports both efi and legacy bios from a single image. It doesn't need to match the original upload. At least I was working towards that, never actually been tested.

  2. Fri Aug 4 12:42:58 2017

    Project is not discontinued. Follow this guide for your smb error.

  3. Wed Aug 2 17:29:26 2017
    clonedeploy posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    It looks like there is a flag to force EFI, you can try it out.

    bcdboot c:\Windows /s q: /f UEFI
  4. Wed Aug 2 17:24:38 2017
    clonedeploy posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    I don't think this will work. I believe it needs to be pxe booted in the same mode that it will boot from later. Basically the system partition and efi boot entries(nvram) are all created from a single command.

    bcdboot c:\Windows /s q:

    I think that Windows is detecting the system is not currently in EFI mode and doesn't run the necessary efi process. That is why the system and reserve are not imaged, they don't need to be because bcdboot takes care of setting them up. I think your only options are to boot EFI with USB/ISO, or change the system to always use legacy bios.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 2 13:25:22 2017

    Please attach the upload log for the image and one of the failed deployment logs

  6. Fri Jul 28 14:38:10 2017
    clonedeploy posted in Clone Deploy the V Way.

    Thanks for sharing. It's seems like you are using a lot of features the others may not be. It's exciting to hear about your workflow.

  7. Fri Jul 28 14:33:46 2017
    clonedeploy posted in Tftp ${Next server} Blank "///".

    Are you using proxy 2.0.2?

  8. Thu Jul 27 12:33:24 2017
    clonedeploy posted in Only loopback Nic is available.

    Have you tried the newest kernel

  9. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 25 12:58:18 2017
    clonedeploy posted in Future Of CloneDeploy.


    I have created the general discussion channel. Eventually I would like to get something into the main website.

  10. Tue Jul 25 12:33:44 2017

    There aren't any tasks that CloneDeploy creates that run every month, or ever. Perhaps the database program itself is running some type of maintenance.

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