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  1. yesterday
    Mon Jan 22 15:17:17 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Imaging w/o sysprep..

    Everything you need can be done with Sysprep.
    CloneDeploy will modify the file to rename the computer.
    The answer file will join to the domain for you, no CloneDeploy process required
    The answer file can specify the OU, you can then use CloneDeploy sysprep tags to modify the OU for different computers if you want.

    Therefore you would only need 1 sysprep answer file without any additional scripts.

  2. 4 days ago
    Fri Jan 19 14:54:55 2018

    Is there any software that could be doing something to the partition table? Since the upload worked before you installed all the software, that would be my guess. Is there any security software?

  3. 5 days ago
    Thu Jan 18 15:08:35 2018

    1.) What screen did it stop on?
    2.) Did the mac pro come with Sierra or High Sierra?

  4. Thu Jan 18 15:07:18 2018

    Upgrade windows version to 1.3.3 if not already
    Export the database
    Install 1.3.3 on Linux following the guide
    Import the database
    Copy images
    Update the distribution point passwords in the web ui

  5. Thu Jan 18 15:05:18 2018

    Can you attach your web.config

  6. Thu Jan 18 15:02:25 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Error after cancelling.

    Is the computer registered?

  7. 6 days ago
    Wed Jan 17 18:19:09 2018

    In your apache config for clonedepoy, clonedeploy.conf, do you have this block?

    <Location "/clonedeploy/public/macos_nbis">
    Allow from all
    Order allow,deny
    SetHandler default-handler

    If so try changing the location to /clonedeploy/api/public/macos_nbis

  8. Wed Jan 17 17:33:05 2018

    You should be able to check the apache access logs to see what's happening

  9. Wed Jan 17 17:31:45 2018

    It should only take about 5 minutes. Guessing that something still is not setup correct. If the Mac can't find the nbi it won't error out. It will just look like it's copying when it really isnt

  10. Wed Jan 17 17:19:46 2018

    How long is forever?
    What exact OS version did you make an NBI from? There is a bug with High Sierra that causes the transfer to take too long, sometimes.

    You can move the NBI anywhere you want, it just needs to be served from a web server, can't use smb.

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