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  1. last week
    Fri Aug 10 13:27:41 2018

    Blast from the past (CrucibleWDS)

    Just to show you what I mean.

  2. Fri Aug 10 13:12:09 2018

    Thank you, the Latest patch has resolved issue of saving my changes and it sticking as well as the search function.

    Getting 10x the upload/download speeds, has patch made any improvements?

    I would just like to see the groups machines in in the search list, I used this as a visual aid in CWDS as while we are adding hosts we group them in batches (so anything new wouldn't have a group).

    In my search screen which I reach by Groups > Group Name ) Add Members I only see "Name" and "MAC"

    I don't set image per host... I set it in the group (that's what I did on CWDS and kept same method).

    The # of hosts added was another visual aid so I know I have not missed any devices without going back a few pages and looking at the total from the groups page.

  3. Fri Aug 10 10:35:36 2018

    Could you not setup a dual-boot system as you like it and just clone it?

  4. Fri Aug 10 10:29:19 2018
    A aaron posted in Upgrade broke computer naming.

    I always resuse same names I just delete from AD first?

    My names are based on physical location though.

  5. Fri Aug 10 10:23:03 2018
    A aaron started the conversation Show more detail when adding hosts to groups.

    hi CD,

    Final push from myself to move from Crucible to CD and have a few niggles to iron out.

    - Search function does not work but I am running Version 1.3.0 and it appears you have addressed this in a patch I read in another thread.

    Another is that when adding host, most occasions I check how many are added and they are not there (Maybe its a browser bug as I am using Chrome)

    2 features missing which would I found useful (which CWDS had) is that when I have ticked my hosts and click "add selected computers" there was a popup at the top which confirmed "19 hosts added to group" - I would like this to return.

    Also when searching for hosts I only get to see in the table - "NAME" - "MAC" and most of the remaining screen space is just blank.

    Is it possible/or could it be made possible so that these fields have useful info in when adding hosts (like CWDS it used to show what group the device is already in) so I can easily ID devices that are not in any groups.

    If unclear, let me know and I will provide screenshots.

  6. 2 months ago
    Mon Jun 4 08:39:54 2018

    EFI Variables are not supported on this system.

    This protective MBR 0xEE partition is oversized - Auto-Repairing.

    Should I be worried by this?

  7. Mon Jun 4 08:37:29 2018

    Kernel 4.13.2 is set.

    I have plugged in a really old keyboard and this seems be work with the newer device.

  8. Mon Jun 4 08:07:38 2018
    A aaron started the conversation PXE/Bootmenu issues with Windows 10 Kit.


    When trying to take image of a newer model PC which is native Win10 I am having various issues.

    I have tried different Kernels and PXE modes but it fluctuates on what issue is.

    Either it fails to PXE and I have to change to a x64 kernel (which I have) but when using a kernel that allows PXE I get to the boot menu and the keyboard does not work.

    Most of the kit here is Native Windows7 so would prefer to retain computability with both.

  9. Fri May 25 12:26:51 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.

    It would of likely had a sysprep file built into the image from testing CrucibleWDS about 3/3 and half years ago and I just removed the CrucibleWDS entry.

    Thanks for confirming.

    Still testing stages but will be making the jump to CD very soon.

    CrucibleWDS been heavily used for over 3 years and has been brill, this so far appears faster and although I few tweaks regarding Kernel settings and the above. Works well.

  10. Fri May 25 08:09:40 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.

    Issue resolved by deleting the whole unattend.xml file.

    Is this because in CrucibleWDS (although I never used sysprep) the entry had to be defined within called CrucibleWDS but in CloneDeploy it just needs the file to exist or... has a more generalised linking between the 2 than Crucible had?

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