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    Mon Jun 4 08:39:54 2018

    EFI Variables are not supported on this system.

    This protective MBR 0xEE partition is oversized - Auto-Repairing.

    Should I be worried by this?

  2. Mon Jun 4 08:37:29 2018

    Kernel 4.13.2 is set.

    I have plugged in a really old keyboard and this seems be work with the newer device.

  3. Mon Jun 4 08:07:38 2018
    A aaron started the conversation PXE/Bootmenu issues with Windows 10 Kit.


    When trying to take image of a newer model PC which is native Win10 I am having various issues.

    I have tried different Kernels and PXE modes but it fluctuates on what issue is.

    Either it fails to PXE and I have to change to a x64 kernel (which I have) but when using a kernel that allows PXE I get to the boot menu and the keyboard does not work.

    Most of the kit here is Native Windows7 so would prefer to retain computability with both.

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Fri May 25 12:26:51 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.

    It would of likely had a sysprep file built into the image from testing CrucibleWDS about 3/3 and half years ago and I just removed the CrucibleWDS entry.

    Thanks for confirming.

    Still testing stages but will be making the jump to CD very soon.

    CrucibleWDS been heavily used for over 3 years and has been brill, this so far appears faster and although I few tweaks regarding Kernel settings and the above. Works well.

  5. Fri May 25 08:09:40 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.

    Issue resolved by deleting the whole unattend.xml file.

    Is this because in CrucibleWDS (although I never used sysprep) the entry had to be defined within called CrucibleWDS but in CloneDeploy it just needs the file to exist or... has a more generalised linking between the 2 than Crucible had?

  6. Fri May 25 07:38:29 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.

    It says it found an answer file and is changing computer name.

    I've never used these however? this is based on images that I have used with CrucibleWDS and that's always done via registry.

    ....... Found Answer File At /Windows/Panther/unattend.xml, Changing Computer Name

    Could you advise what best fix is? Do I delete the file? or remove some entry?

  7. Thu May 24 14:47:58 2018
    A aaron posted in Hostname not set during image.
    • Testing Now:
    • Deleted host
    • Went to readd via OnDemand-Addhost
    • Received PXE error (Kernel) - so recreated 4.5 PXE mode / boot menu.
    • Adding device attempt again, boots into screen as intended.
    • Device shows in Computers, amended name, added image and clicked Deploy.
    • pxe booted device, image process starts using Kernel 4.5
    • Image completes
    • Device retains hostname it had from image not what it set on CD.
  8. Thu May 24 14:29:34 2018
    A aaron started the conversation Hostname not set during image.

    Hi All,

    I am looking at finally shifting away from CrucibleWDS to CloneDeploy.

    I am having issues with when deploying image to machine, the machine does not get set the name set in the CloneDeploy Database.

    Now i have seen threads regarding sysprep however have not used this before, its usually done by registry when I use CrucibleWDS.

    I know others are using CloneDeploy but are using the same registry namechange -> Netdom Scripts as I, but I am using latest version.

    Is this a fault or a removed feature?

    The option in Image Profile Updater -> Deploy Options -> Change Computer Name is set ON.
    Only change made is that I have had to enable Kernel 4.5 for this to work.

    Devices are old windows 7 embedded devices.

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    Tue Nov 1 16:23:05 2016
    A aaron posted in Issues with Multicast.


  10. Tue Nov 1 15:34:23 2016
    A aaron started the conversation Issues with Multicast.


    I am still in process of setting up CloneDeploy - as a racked replacement for my Desktop based CWDS.

    I am having issues multicasting, all machines join the queue however they sit idle and it never triggers.

    The server is on a different subnet but I am told this has been opened, can anyone assist in what issue could be?

    I suspect it's network related but how could I confirm?

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