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    Tue Jun 6 07:56:49 2017

    I solved the problem!

    The Surface Book has problems with the base unit when booting into CloneDeploy. Neither the keyboard nor the USB ports are usable at that time.

    I removed the base unit and attached the docking station directly to the Surface tablet. Then I booted until no ethernet driver was found (again). I plugged in another USB ethernet adapter from Anker (Amazon brand) and manually assigned the network settings. Everything booted fine afterwards :)

  2. Tue Jun 6 06:46:13 2017

    The error occurs before selecting an image:

    • I select PXE boot in the Bios options
    • iPXE initialising devices...
    • Menu
    • I select "On demand"
    • Kernel is loaded
    • udhcpc started. Sending discover...

    The surface is not getting an IP at this point, manual IP selection is not possible. So I suppose it doesn't even recognize an ethernet adapter.

  3. Wed May 31 09:54:59 2017
    M mavo started the conversation Surface Book no ethernet driver.

    Hi again,

    I got the original Surface USB Ethernet Adapter today and tried to deploy an image to my Surface book again.

    Same story as last time: Kernel 4.10.1x64 doesn't find a driver for the network card. Older kernels just wait for an eternity to obtain an IP, but finally fail, too. Any advise?

  4. Fri May 26 15:59:33 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    I guess I solved the Surface problem! Had to wait for a long time, then Clonedeploy offered me a manual configuration of the ethernet adapter. I've put in the details and now it's running as usual :)

  5. Fri May 26 15:53:57 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    Already tried that :D I plugged in the dock and the additional usb adapter. Had a similar problem with a Dell Optiplex and that solution worked fine. But not this time. That's why I really dislike the Surface line from an Admins point of view :-/

  6. Fri May 26 15:48:41 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    We don't have the official Surface ethernet adapter. I'm using one of the Surface docks instead.

    All other laptops work with an USB3 ethernet adapter, but the Surface only accepts the original accessories.

  7. Fri May 26 15:44:21 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    I suppose, the network adapter is not fully supported by the current kernel (4.10.1x64)

  8. Fri May 26 15:40:26 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    Surface Pro 4. It's not getting an IP when booting in ipxe_efi64. All other devices (and we have plenty of different models and brands here) boot perfectly fine.

  9. Fri May 26 15:37:14 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    Oh ok.. well, we tried it with a Windows server at first and had a lot of trouble. On Linux, everything has been running perfectly fine for the last 8 months. Almost zero maintenance, I only updated the kernel from time to time. So I thought Linux was the main platform for Clonedeploy :D

    Maybe I'll just have to install the Surface manually then if there is no other way at the moment :-/

  10. Fri May 26 15:25:18 2017
    M mavo posted in WinPE \Boot\BCD missing.

    I copied boot to Boot, nothing changed. Is there any log from Clonedeploy?

    oh btw, ipxe_efi64 worked fine all the time. I just need WinPE for my Surface Pro to deploy an image.

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