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    Wed Jan 3 20:52:12 2018

    Very Nice. Looking to do the same thing, but in winPE. Did this get added into any release?
    I am still on 1.2 and wont have time to modify the code for PE any time soon..

  2. last year
    Fri Aug 4 18:34:16 2017
    O OITC-SJ posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    Completely understand, and it makes automation easy for if the image matches the machine and boot type. It only makes it harder for me as I do cross platform deployments which have a slew of different boot options.

    Again thanks. everything works great

  3. Fri Aug 4 15:22:04 2017
    O OITC-SJ posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    Sorry about the delay, That seems to have done the trick.

    It would be nice if the script differentiated between different types of images.
    At the moment it initializes the disk based on if the system booted EFI. Which in the end shouldn't actually matter, only the schema it pushes should. If the image being deployed is GPT then it should initialize GPT and bcdboot UEFI.
    I am sure there is some way that I can pull if the image is GPT and make the required changes.

    I know that you are looking to step down on the CD project, just want to say thanks. Its a fantastic system you've created. (1 base image deploying to 10 different PC models and counting)


  4. Wed Aug 2 18:54:32 2017
    O OITC-SJ posted in UEFI Entry Missing.

    Thanks I will give that a try shortly.

  5. Wed Aug 2 17:12:47 2017
    O OITC-SJ started the conversation UEFI Entry Missing.

    I know that I am working a little outside of the box on this but hoping someone can give me some quick guidance.

    I have a lot of machines that use UEFI / Secure boot, and everything seems to work fine booting from PXE to WinPE-UEFI and deploying the image.

    Then we get some machines that need imaging that do not support PXE UEFI, so we did a quick change to WinPE-BIOS. I added a flag in the winpe_push script to force

    This was required to have the partitions created as GPT instead of MBR.

    The problem is that after imaging (which shows no errors as far as I can tell) the System partition is blank / empty.

    Leaving no UEFI entries for normal boot.

    Also there is a section for if partitions are GPT and type is "system" or "reserved" then skip the image download, is there a reason for this?

    Log attached.

    Many thanks for any thoughts you may have. (running 1.2.0)

  6. Wed Nov 23 19:01:25 2016
    O OITC-SJ started the conversation Sysprep Procedures.

    Hi All.

    Starting to switch over to using Sysprep and just want to get some insight prior.

    I see an article about Sysprep with CloneDeploy
    It mentions using "CrucibleWDS" as the computer name. Is this still the case or has it been updated?

    Anyone have any particular insight on steps that will save me time with this?
    Windows 10 / Being used across multiple models.


  7. Wed Nov 23 18:51:47 2016
    O OITC-SJ started the conversation Change ComputerName .

    Found an oddity that has been bugging me and I am wondering if you have any thoughts.

    During the computer rename I see that the following is run

    update_registry_key "/mnt/ntfs/Windows/System32/config/SYSTEM" "\ControlSet001\Control\ComputerName\ComputerName\ComputerName"

    I have confirmed that the name is getting changed by having the task finish to shell and manually checking the key.
    Also added to your script to cat the key prior to save.

    Unfortunately when Windows boots, the key is unchanged. Other keys seem to change as the Computer Name as reported by system properties is updated.

    This is on Windows 10 with the anniversary update. No sysprep files setup that I could find.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

  8. Wed Nov 9 18:08:54 2016
    O OITC-SJ posted in WIM arguments in 1.2.

    Perfect thanks. Once I saw that the script was pulling the argument I assumed it was for adding some extra changes.

    If the default is for non pipable and I can use it with DISM then my needs are met.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. Wed Nov 9 17:13:52 2016
    O OITC-SJ started the conversation WIM arguments in 1.2.

    I use CloneDeploy to capture images which then get updates and packages via DISM.

    Previously I added the not-pipable flag to the wim_arguments field in the cd_pull script. After the recent update to 1.2 I notice that this is now pulling args from $web_wim_args.

    Cant seem to find where to set the arguments now, presumably it is in the UI somewhere.

    And thanks again for the great software

  10. Tue Nov 8 20:14:41 2016

    OK so this was a stupid problem to have.

    The server was up and reachable from my machine, and the testing machine and would be responding normally.

    Once it loaded the kernel however it would not hit the server. It appears that the issue was a session based link aggregate switch group that was failing. When the kernel loads and reconnects the session changed and seems to route over a dead aggregate port.

    Either way its functioning now with the lag group down. Just means I am not getting as much speed out of it.

    Thanks for all the help. You guys are great.


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