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    Fri Sep 15 08:34:31 2017
    D dropap posted in Clonedeploy via bridge lan.

    Thanks for the quick response. Is the DHCP is from the clonedeploy server. I have put an ip on the server for the clonedeploy to work. I don't believe that is the bridge, because when i use one lan only, without bridge, with the same ip and the same configuration it works fine, when i make the bridge with all the same i can't boot from a client's pxe. Is there a problem because the bridge is made with three different lan cards?

  2. Thu Sep 14 07:54:36 2017
    D dropap started the conversation Clonedeploy via bridge lan.

    Hello again,
    i have a server and i made a bridge with 9 lan cards but when i try to upload or deploy an image i can't get an ip when i booted via dhcp. Is there a problem with my bridge or clonedeploy can't work properly via bridge?

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    Tue Sep 20 08:37:34 2016
    D dropap started the conversation Reboot and boot time.

    hello, i just installed clonedeploy in win 10 pro. i want t oask you a few thinks.

    1. is there a way to disable the booting of pc's after the deploying ends?
    2. How can i extend the time in pxe boot (more than 5 seconds) or how can i put the "on demand" option first in the row of pxe?
  4. Thu Sep 15 13:17:15 2016

    that's right, you are the best, the last seven hours i was trying to make it boot, but i didn't think the obvious, THE DHCP SERVER, i'm so dumb, thank you very much. Clonedeploy is the best!!!!! :-)

  5. Thu Sep 15 13:09:03 2016

    so, how can i deploy-upload images from Clonedeploy in a freenas server?

  6. Thu Sep 15 13:02:02 2016

    i've made three servers:

    1. Windows 10 - operates ok (but 20 users limitation)
    2. windows server 2008 r2 (DHCP problem)
    3. Freenas 9.3 (DHCP problem)
  7. Thu Sep 15 13:00:19 2016

    how can i create a dhcp server in freenas? i follow all the instructions you gave.

  8. Thu Sep 15 12:01:29 2016

    I've installed clonedeploy and in windows server 2008 r2 too, but i have the same problem with dhcp, i have installed and in windows 10 but it runs smoothly, but i want to installed in server or freenas because i want to deploy in more users than 20 (limitation of windows)

  9. Thu Sep 15 07:50:50 2016
    D dropap started the conversation DHCP on freenas and windows servers 2008.

    Hello i have installed clonedeploy on freenas 9.3, everything is ok, but when i try to boot a pc for deploy or upload the dhcp does not respond, it keeps searching but no dhcp, do i want enable the dhcp on freenas somehow? i can't see any dhcp in services.
    i put ip for
    Freenas server:
    ip4: (at network-global configuration-IPv4 default gateway)
    clonedeploy jail:

  10. Thu Sep 15 07:44:57 2016
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