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    Wed Oct 19 19:21:03 2016

    I was able to find a resolution. It actually did have to do with there only being a single partition on the hard drive. I had to manually create the system partition before installing windows. Then I was able to successfully upload and deploy a Dell 3620 (NVMe drive) using Clone Deploy. Thank you!

  2. Mon Oct 10 13:37:56 2016

    I will give that a try. Also, because of the backwards process I had to follow just to get Win 7 installed on this computer it didn't install with a boot partition. ("http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/guide-installing-windows-7-on-an-nvme-ssd-from-a-usb-3-0-thumbdrive.783921" - from cmd line tools on a Win 10 install disc)

    I noticed CD normally looks for the dev\sda1, then sda2. Could this be causing the issue because it's not seeing that partition?

    Thanks again for the help. Sorry, wasn't trying to hijack the thread :/

  3. Wed Oct 5 16:50:18 2016

    Thanks for the quick response! It just says ** Looking for Hard Drive(s) **. I didn't see any logs under the webui but maybe I'm not looking in the right place? I tried to run the tftp32 gui, but not sure if that tells you anything outside of dhcp/tftp connnection. I attached a picture of the screen as well as the logs. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide for you. Sorry, I'm new to the CloneDeploy world so learning as I go...

  4. Wed Oct 5 14:27:12 2016

    Wanted to post that I'm also experiencing issues with the Samsung NVMe drive in a Dell T3620. I tried adjusting the BIOS settings but I'm already set to legacy, and no secure boot, and I'm on Kernel 4.7. Clone Deploy doesn't give an error, it just never mounts the hard drive. Even when trying to install the Windows image on this machine I was able to inject the USB 3.0 drivers successfully but never could get the NVMe drivers to work. I ended up having to use diskpart from a Win 10 install disc to copy the installer over to the drive.

    I reached out to Dell support and here's what they said, so hope it's helpful:

    "I read over the forum you provided and I see Clone Deploy is working on the issue. When they created the new kernel 4.7x64 on August 5th I wonder if they injected the newest Intel Rapid Storage driver? They stated the sata controller is supported but they did not know if the kernel included the driver. Intel specifically released driver version 14.5.xxx to add support for NVMe hard drives. We are currently on version If Clone deploy did not include the newer driver in their kernel then it will not detect the NVMe drive."

    Please let me know if there's any information/logs/etc I can gather to help with this process as I would love to be able to use CD to upload/deploy images for this machine!

  5. Wed Oct 5 14:17:27 2016
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