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    Tue Nov 21 18:35:44 2017
    S SmashRash posted in "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.

    I'm marking your answer as the resolution. I'm having some weird luck with one of my computers (which I was using to test and I believe getting false-negatives as a result) and am honestly unsure as to how things stand with it. I was able to upload and deploy the image to a different computer.

    Moving forward I'll attempt to patch to version 1.3.1 or further.
    Thanks for all your assistance.

  2. Mon Nov 20 19:00:38 2017
    S SmashRash posted in "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.

    Excellent, after logging into mysql and remembering to change my database with "use <databasename>" seen in the image. The 12 Tasks were removed.


    I can verify that the web interface had 0 Total Tasks, and now I can actually see the Tasks at the bottom and in Active Unicasts. I decided to give it another test and after adding a task, I clicked the Cancel All Task button yet again, and the tasks were removed and everything looks to be back to normal. This new task I added from the web interface, note that I tend to make the tasks when booting the computer to iPXE via CloneDeployProxyDHCP using the simplified menu (in case that helps diagnose).


    I will be attempting to upload an image and get back to you after the expected success.

    Perhaps the real Doctor Who is you.

  3. Mon Nov 20 18:38:41 2017
    S SmashRash posted in "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.

    I am 'familiar', but I'm not verbose in SQL commands since I use them only when necessary and tend to have to remember the proper syntax by searching online for quick examples and documentation. Therefore I _may_ be able to help.

    Honestly though I feel like the 11th doctor in Doctor Who, who has nothing to lose since my alternative is probably starting fresh. So why not try whatever you're thinking - I'm guessing you want me to update the task table data directly or parse some samples.

    Let's give whatever you're thinking a shot.

  4. Mon Nov 20 17:17:04 2017
    S SmashRash posted in "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.

    Sure. I ran the "Cancel All Tasks".

    I went to Admin >> Logs >> Front End Logs >> (Selected CloneDeployFE.log)
    I'm uploading the results of doing that in the attached .txt file so it's not glaring in this conversation.

  5. Mon Nov 20 16:50:49 2017
    S SmashRash posted in "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.

    The Unregistered On Demand Tasks also says 0 Total Tasks.
    Should "Tasks" at the bottom be displaying anything?


    I'll look into the patching for the free space issue.

  6. Mon Nov 20 14:38:26 2017
    S SmashRash started the conversation "Total Tasks" stuck in queue.


    I attempted to clone not many computers, but performed the operation multiple times. I had just misdone the version 1.2.1 update to 1.3.0 and thanks to your assistance was able to get back on the right track (https://forum.clonedeploy.org/660-could-not-download-script-response-code-420/p1#p3199 ). Now when cloning I receive the following message:

    ** Creating Active Task **

    • * Checking Current Queue **
    • * Queue Is Full, Waiting For Open Slot **

    ......Current Position 1

    I examined the Active tasks in the web interface and although it says I have now 12 Total Tasks, it does not show me any of them. Nor are they in the banner at the bottom. I thought I had patched to version 1.3.1 by merging files but the web interface still tells me the version number in the top-left to be 1.3.0. I clicked the nice "Cancel All Tasks" button but that look like it did something, but didn't change my task total. I clicked on the options on the left (i.e. "Active Unicasts" & "Active Multicasts" & "Permanent Tasks") but they tell me 0 Total Unicast/Multicast/Permanent Tasks.


    On a side note I noticed that my Primary Distribution Point information appears to not be able to read the storage on my connected file share like it had in the past, however I was able to upload an image to it and during the cloning process the computer will successfully mount and had both uploaded and deployed an image from it.


    Any ideas?,

  7. Wed Nov 15 14:55:51 2017


    You were correct. I was definitely in limbo. I had missed the upgrade document and had made the mistake of thinking 'installing' the newest version was the same. Because of my error, but realizing it was my own mistake, I still would like to recommend that in the installation documentation you make a small note at the top to reference following the upgrade documentation if upgrading.

    I had a secondary problem afterwards which resulted because I had attempted to patch to 1.3.1 already. I simply followed the patching process again and merged the tftpboot folder with my tftpboot folder under userroot@servername:/$ /tftpboot using the following command:

    userroot@servername:/$ sudo cp -rf home/<userhomefolder>/clonedeploy/1.3.1/tftpboot/* /tftboot/

    I'm attaching an image of that error (with green blocks representing my server IP address) however it is resolved.

    Thank you very much for your expertise on the issue.

    I am currently investigating my Primary Distribution Point (which I have setup as a networked share folder on the server) and will create a new conversation if I require additional assistance on that topic.

  8. Tue Nov 14 20:53:57 2017
    S SmashRash started the conversation Could Not Download Script: Response Code: 420.

    Cheers CloneDeploy,

    I'm GLaD to see you still around!

    I do have a bit of a story that I need some assistance with. First I'm using CloneDeployProxyDHCP and it has been operating for some time!

    I recently attempted adding an image to my computer but was confronted with an error after logging in using admin credentials to _add the computer_ to the database (and later attempted "On Demand" imaging option). The error is as follows:

    ** Downloading Core Scripts **
    ...... Could Not Download Script
    ...... Response Code: 420

    So I attempted accessing the webpage of CloneDeploy on my server and could not get access, strange. After a reboot of apache2 and then reboot of the Ubuntu computer and reattempt to no avail I decided it was time for me to try to refresh the install.

    I noticed you had a 1.3.0 Beta 1 version out so I thought I should try to upgrade to resolve my issue. I downloaded to my Ubuntu computer the 1.3.0.tar.gz and followed the instructions for installing on Ubuntu (http://clonedeploy.org/docs/install-on-ubuntu/ ) stopping before installing the database.

    I was then able to access the website, but ran into an issue. After following the remaining steps for the installation of the database&tftpserver which ended up saying the accounts were created, I discovered I needed to go into the web side and create the boot files under Admin >> Boot >> Create Boot files in the menu.

    I reattempted and still receive the 420 Error. I performed the patch (1.3.1) thinking maybe my issue was resolved there. Same 420 error. I then decided maybe it was my CloneDeployProxyDHCP so I also attempted updating that to v2.1.2. I updated the config/ini file but same 420 error. Now when I run the 'sudo mono cd_proxyd.exe --debug' command CloneDeployProxyDHCP informs me the following while receiving and sending DHCP requests as before:

    CloneDeploy ServiceURL is Populated. Testing API... FAILED
    ... Web Reservations Will Not Be Processed
    ... Clustered Tftp Servers Will Not Be Processed

    DHCP Service Listening On
    DHCP Service Listening On

    DHCP Service Running
    Press[Enter] to Exit

    Since I'm able to get an IP address when iPXE booting the Windows computer I want to add and then clone I've been ignoring the error and assuming it is for some more advanced check. I've rebooted the computer since.

    At this point I am contacting you. I noticed the webpage still says "CloneDeploy v1.2.1" in the top-left for some reason. Technically I skipped the "Post Install Setup" since opening the CloneDeploy Web Interface after the upgrade did not bring me to the Initial Setup Page (since I had already performed that in the past). My last idea really is to remove my database (something I want to avoid) and attempt to get that Initial Setup Page, or do a clean install but part of me feels this 420 Error may still happen since it was the original issue that caused me to try the above updates.

    Any insight appreciated. I'm attaching an image of the files I tried in the update just for show that I believe myself to be updated (but perhaps I'm somewhere in limbo?).

  9. Fri Jul 28 14:16:19 2017
    S SmashRash started the conversation Tftp ${Next server} Blank "///".

    I call this the "dreaded triple slash" among my coworkers.

    First, Good Luck / Buona Fortuna / Maika'i pomaika'i with your next endeavor and journey. Being a computer scientist with a hobby for game development that I will eventually realize but working as an IT Support Specialist...well at some level, I understand.

    I wanted to follow back up from a post I've had in the past (https://forum.clonedeploy.org/232-clonedeploy-proxy-dhcp-working ). I'm using Proxy DHCP but get a "///" where you were able to assist me in the past and let me know:


    "tftp://${next-server}/proxy/efi64/pxelinux.cfg/default.ipxe is what it looks like, but for some reason the next-server variable is blank resulting in tftp:///proxy."

    I've been able to partially isolate the issue with my setup and determined that this occurs reliably on Mac machines and Windows machines booting using the more recent UEFI and not through legacy. I updated with the patch and still get this issue. I'm running version 1.2.1.

    My question really is if you have had any idea as to what might be causing the ${next-server} variable to not be assigned?

    I will admit that I do only turn the ProxyDHCP service on when I want it, and when I do turn the service "mono proxyd.exe" on it is using the "--debug" flags instead of "--daemon". Perhaps that is my issue? I do like seeing the chatter of the service as it helps make sure that my computers are connecting (though I make sure to turn it off and on when necessary to prevent any memory issues).

    I do not wish to take up much of your time and will mention that my need is not so great as I have a work around to simply using Legacy, but it is a small annoyance to flip to legacy to clone and deploy an image and then flip it back, but it could be worse.


  10. 2 years ago
    Thu Nov 3 16:15:38 2016
    S SmashRash posted in CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP: Working?.

    Well I haven't been having the same trouble since removing the '/'. Inconclusive evidence and at this time I'm not investigating. Marking CloneDeploy's correct answer. Thank you for your assistance. If I run into other difficulties I will be sure to post a new conversation.

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