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    Mon Dec 12 15:47:24 2016
    S spyshagg posted in Boot from local disc - Boot Error.

    Sorry to bump this topic.

    I have confirmed the pxe "boot to local disc" work well, but the pen/iso doesn't.

    Can the pxe method be ported to the pen/iso ?

  2. Wed Nov 30 15:30:33 2016

    Issue 1 was with upload + webgui task. I have searched but there are no logs :\

    thanks for the tip. If I click the image in "image profile updater" another window opens with many options about the upload! Very nice! What options to you recommend for max reliability on upload and deploy? some computers will be 500km away

    Issue 2 happened once and the log is above. I'll be sure to post my findings If it happens again.

    Thank you

  3. Wed Nov 30 10:40:37 2016
    S spyshagg started the conversation Issues when using clonedeploy on some situations.


    Although all works well when uploading/deploying to hard drives with simple existing configurations (Vanilla windows disks, vanilla linux disks), but I have found some issues. One is was pretty serious.

    1 - When uploading windows hdd's which have partitions and bootloader created/altered by Acronis true image, clonedeploy "resizes" the volumes and starts to upload. The upload failed on some partition and after rebooting the OS hanged. I had to restore a true image clone of the C partition. I haven't found any logs of this operation.

    Is there any way to prevent clonedeploy from tempering with the source material prior to the imaging?

    2- When deploying windows images to an "unclean" drive (a drive which has existing windows partitions), clonedeploy can fail with ntfs errors messages. This drive in question was a data drive, no OS, but I think this hdd had an acronis hidden partition. Not sure though.

    The log is attached bellow.

    In this case, I had to remove the HDD to another computer and delete every partition manually. After doing this the deploy occurred without issues.


  4. Wed Nov 30 10:10:15 2016
    S spyshagg posted in Boot from local disc - Boot Error.

    This option works well when using PXE boot method. It seems to only fail with USB/ISO

  5. Fri Nov 25 19:46:42 2016

    So, shrinking and stuff is not supported, but the full 500GB image would be functional? Could it be restored?

  6. Fri Nov 25 19:44:22 2016
    S spyshagg posted in Boot from local disc - Boot Error.

    I see.

    It would be with a usb Pen always set for booting first, with the default option being "boot to windows" after 10 seconds. If the operator got asked, he would chose upload or restore.

    thanks for the answer

  7. Fri Nov 25 10:25:40 2016
    S spyshagg started the conversation Boot from local disc - Boot Error.

    Hi again

    I'm having this error when choosing the option "boot from local disc". I fresh iso, fresh usb pen, different computers. It always fails.

    Is there any documentation I should be aware of?


  8. Fri Nov 25 09:16:16 2016
    S spyshagg started the conversation PFsense - Uploads full disk size without shrink.


    I just now tried uploading a pfsense box (freebsd 10 I guess) which is installed on a 500GB disk but only occupying 4 or 5GB. However, CloneDeploy does not shrink this volume and tried to make a full 500GB image.

    Is this the intended behavior?

    Thank you

  9. Tue Nov 22 19:13:38 2016

    Now this makes perfect sense, actually. We just have to understand the process. It allows for much more freedom and options than I expected.
    Its all about the schema and bios order detection. Got it!

    thank you again

  10. Tue Nov 22 17:38:37 2016
    S spyshagg started the conversation Behavior with Multiple disks on one computer?.


    I'm still exploring all the things this great software can do, but all my tests where on computers with one single HDD.

    I was testing it with a computer with two HDDs (SO + DATA), and I noticed CloneDeploy uploaded both into a single image, which means I now have two questions:

    1- What happens when I try to deploy that image to a computer with only one HDD ?

    2- Does this mean If I intend to clone one HDD (or restore one HDD), I should always unplug any unwanted HDD that resizes inside the computer before uploading/deploying?


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