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    Thu Dec 1 16:27:58 2016
    I ITC posted in Stuck on upload.

    Thank you for the information and quick responses. Really appreciate that.

    Ill get my boot method set up and continue on.

  2. Thu Dec 1 16:24:39 2016
    I ITC posted in Stuck on upload.

    I have read all of the documentation. Whether I understood it all is debatable.

    From what I understood the boot method step is after uploading the image to the CloneDeploy server. I am not ready to deploy the image to any machine.

    Now if I have misunderstood I will be using this with Bootable flashdrives to deploy, and can set that up.

  3. Thu Dec 1 16:15:04 2016
    I ITC started the conversation Stuck on upload.

    I have tried to upload a test image to my CloneDeploy server which is a VM running Server 2016 r2.
    The image I am uploading is Win 7 HP that is a VM that has been configured and sysprep'd and set to the OOBE.

    I have turned on the Win 7 VM and let it boot up until prompted to start the setup. I have then gone to Tasks -> Start Computer Task selected my Image -> upload. The image has the MAC address of the Win 7 VM and it appears to start without error.

    The problem I have is that after starting nothing happens. I've left the upload run for roughly 24 hours and in All Active Tasks it shows a status of '0' and nothing else.

  4. Tue Nov 29 19:09:41 2016
    I ITC started the conversation Setting up deployments.

    I am working on setting up a new instance of CloneDeploy for testing as my company wants to move away from our current imaging process.

    I am a bit confused as I am new to all of this. I have read all the documentation but just need some clarification.

    I would like to set up a test Windows 7 deployment. This will not be use is mass quantity but roughly 5-6 times a week as an individual basis.

    Do I need to have an already setup machine with Windows 7 configured and sysprep'd to upload to the WebUI?
    If this is the case can this be a VM and does it need to always be on?
    I may be misunderstanding the documentation so any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

  5. Tue Nov 29 19:05:06 2016
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