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    Wed Jun 1 09:45:51 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    Ubuntu 14.04.04 standard install and i have follow step by step your install process . I have only change the clonedeploy directory to /clonedeploy ( wich is an another raid drive in my server )

    by default is ufw enable ?

    i have check Status : inactive

  2. Mon May 30 10:18:29 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    for info :

    nextgen@sepac-clonedeploy01:~$ sudo status tftpd-hpa
    [sudo] password for nextgen:
    tftpd-hpa start/running, process 1033
    nextgen@sepac-clonedeploy01:~$ ss -anup | grep :69
    UNCONN 0 0 *:69 *:*

    so normally service is up

  3. Mon May 30 08:39:16 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    i have try an telnet to my ip on port 69 but connection refused

    i have read and apply the install doc for ubuntu on your site .

  4. Mon May 30 06:32:45 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    i'm on ubuntu , i will check for the log and attach

    sorry but i don't see any tftp log in /var/log

  5. Fri May 27 14:04:52 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    nothing like that .

    and in the same range fog server was running fine but no gpt support. so i have just change my ip and the image load ( option 66 and 67

  6. Fri May 27 06:17:53 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    i have change to admin pxe ipxe_efi64 and click on yes create new boot file and retry but at boot after my dhcp adress TFTP_ blink after ARP Timeout , boot into windows

  7. Thu May 26 16:21:21 2016
    N nextgen posted in PXE boot.

    i never see the menu ,
    i will try this tomorrow. but i have change to legacy boot and same thing
    i will keep you informed.

    thanks for your help

  8. Thu May 26 09:28:06 2016
    N nextgen started the conversation PXE boot.


    i have problem with DHCP 66 and 67 option , i have enter my ip adress and pxeboot.0
    but the client boot in pxe , receive an ip adress but just after TFTP the client exiting and normal startup Windows

    I have in place before Fog server work fine but GPT partition was a problem , so i have just modify the 66 and 67 setting

    Do you have an idea ?

    Thanks in advance
    And very good project , very nice web interface

  9. Thu May 26 09:17:30 2016
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