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  1. 8 months ago
    Tue Apr 17 13:57:59 2018

    Thank you for suggestion. It worked.

  2. Tue Apr 17 13:11:42 2018

    I will try this disable secure boot and let you know.
    I like your work very much and wish the best to you, thanks.

  3. Tue Apr 17 13:06:36 2018

    HI, here

  4. Tue Apr 17 12:54:28 2018

    Oh sorry,
    I have latest version 1.3 in use. What's the differ in grub or syslinux, sorry?

  5. Tue Apr 17 12:49:44 2018

    Thanks for such a quick reply, Yes it works on HP laptops we have no problem. I understand that's something in UEFI, but I can't see anything to change and we need secure boot enabled. When disabled it works no problem.

  6. Tue Apr 17 12:31:16 2018
    J johankoll started the conversation USB can't start in HP desktop secure boot.

    Somehow the USB boot for CloneDeploy imaging is not able to start CloneDeploy. When HP Prodesk 400 PC is set to secure boot in UEFI, the CloneDeploy successfully boots, but when next I choose Clonedeploy or Client console the black screen comes up and nothing else happens?
    Anybody has fix for this?

  7. last year
    Tue Nov 21 12:19:32 2017
    J johankoll posted in Unknown Error With Token API.

    Sorry about ticket opened. I kept searching what went wrong and it was just my mistake changing lines 37 and 122 BUT NOT SAVING. I'm sorry and thanks for keeping up good work.

  8. Tue Nov 21 12:03:22 2017
    J johankoll started the conversation Unknown Error With Token API.

    Thank you for a great product. I've just upgraded my 1.2 to 1.3 following these instructions:
    When logging onto website now I get: Unknown Error With Token API
    I have been searching threads on forum, but can't find solution.
    I followed all instructions, all commands completed without errors, DB credentials were changed as asked.
    I have done this for 3 times now, but still the same error. I have attached log file from C:\Program Files\clonedeploy\frontend\private\logs
    I can see the Authentication failed for user root, but why? Can you help me here please?

  9. Thu Sep 7 14:17:15 2017
    J johankoll posted in 1.3 beta Windows 10 imaging.

    Sorry I probably uploaded wrong logs.
    Here are the client specific.

  10. Thu Sep 7 14:11:07 2017
    J johankoll posted in 1.3 beta Windows 10 imaging.

    Yes I will, Perhaps it's something to do with OOBE, generalize? We have been strugling with windows10 from beginning. Once image is taken, the host becomes unbootable giving: your device needs to be repiared, File:\Windows\system32\winload.efi,
    But using installation media the windows can't be repaired and has to be reinstalled over again.

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