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    Tue Feb 7 21:24:58 2017
    C CloneDA posted in Configuration.

    I did not see much instruction on clobber mode. I will take a look again. If clobber can be made to work with multicast and a set number of systems then maybe that's the way to go.

  2. Tue Feb 7 19:47:10 2017
    C CloneDA posted in Configuration.

    Yes, for option 1 I just set the menu option to "On Demand". Option 2 would then be very helpful if there is a quick way to choose vs rewriting the boot menu each time. As long as the multicast session number stays "fixed".

  3. Tue Feb 7 18:20:42 2017
    C CloneDA posted in Configuration.

    For this application we can live with Linux. We are using Passmark BurnIn Test under Windows PE for our testing. There is a linux version of Passmark but its above my pay grade to figure how to integrate it all into one boot. If there is a way to do the above under PE then we have to merge the two PE's to make sure all the dependencies are there.

  4. Fri Feb 3 16:18:51 2017

    What kind of switch are you using? The switch has to support multicast traffic. If it is a managed switch, you can look at the IGMP settings. https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/ghost-multicast-problem

  5. Fri Feb 3 15:13:22 2017
    C CloneDA started the conversation Configuration.

    Do you have a step by step guide on how to do the following:
    1. Set the boot so that it does not ask to register or name system (on download). Just connect to the On Demand console.

    2. Instead of option one, switch quickly to an alternate boot where it connects automatically to a fixed mulitcast session. I notice the session number changes each time, for scripting we would want this number to stay the same. All machines are always in the lab and physically accessible.

    3. We need the above menu options to not get overwritten when we hit update boot options.

    We are a small PC shop and want to use this software to image machines being sent out to customers. For example, say we do 20 computers. We want to select the image for deployment in the console and set the multicast to 20 clients. We then just want to hit the reset button on all the machines and have them automatically connect to and start the download without any prompting whatsoever. We don't need the systems named since they will all be in factory audit mode and syspreped before shipping. I have been authorized to make a donation for direct some customization assistance.

  6. Tue Jan 31 00:27:43 2017
    C CloneDA posted in PE Boot Asking for Password.

    What about presetting a username and password in the powershell script? This is an isolated network so there is no chance of intrusion.

  7. Mon Jan 30 17:49:29 2017
    C CloneDA started the conversation PE Boot Asking for Password.

    Created boot PE so that we can add burn in / testing software before starting the CloneDeploy menus. Disabled the logins on the server. How can we disable the login and machine name prompting in the PE Wim boot?

  8. Mon Jan 30 17:47:07 2017
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