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    Wed Jun 1 18:58:25 2016

    Ah it was a stupid mistake, the distribution point ip was set to the freenas ip, not the cifs share ip (which is bound to a different nic).

  2. Tue May 31 22:55:37 2016

    We'd really like to see this feature back as well!

  3. Tue May 31 22:48:36 2016
    C cfutro started the conversation Unable to mount SMB share - FreeNAS 9.10.

    Hello, I've setup clonedeploy on my FreeNAS server running 9.10 and I'm unable to upload images. I'm able to see the created image in the menu after PXE boot, but when I select it the client fails to mount the SMB share. I've double checked my setup and it's configured as in the documentation. Is there a change that needs to be made for 9.10? Or should I rollback to 9.3?


  4. Fri May 27 20:21:12 2016
    C cfutro posted in FreeNAS 10 Compatibility.

    Fair enough. It looks like they just released ALPHA-2, not sure what their timeline is for release. Not sure about the changes to jails and plugins.
    Thanks for the fast response!

  5. Fri May 27 20:04:51 2016

    You probably need to enable the plugin as above.

  6. Fri May 27 20:03:31 2016
    C cfutro started the conversation FreeNAS 10 Compatibility.

    Hello, is clonedeploy compatible with FreeNAS 10? If not do you have an ETA for when it will be available?

  7. Fri May 27 20:02:11 2016
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