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    Tue Sep 26 09:31:46 2017
    S Saint posted in Clone Deploy the V Way.

    Nice, yeah same here one sysprepped and one pre-prepp, the one pre-prepped is also in audi-mode.
    All software installed on the default user (audit-mode user) is available for all later userprofiles on that PC.
    However due to licensing we only install freeware such as BGinfo, I found that accepting the install on the default user and placing a shortcut to our bginfo config in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup resulted in execution on logon even with new user profile.

    Placing shortcuts in the default users desktop folder should result in icons on the new profiles desktop aswell, havent tried it tho.

    We use clonedeploys filetransfer to move small licensed installations on to the new PCs. Like AV and VNC viewer.

    What software are you deploying your large installations with? :0
    I kinda would like a server like yours :)

  2. Fri Sep 22 12:13:23 2017
    S Saint posted in Clone Deploy the V Way.

    Wow vbourke you guys use CD almost the same way as we do, here I was thinking we were using it wrong.
    Only thing that differs is that we use a sysprep image and the last thing we do is run the sysprep and then take a image before the PC boots into windows. Deploying results in a "new" UUID unique PC each time.

    We copy files to the PC depending on what software we need, but nothing is scripted other then the remove xml file, witch you might want to use instead of manually cleaning.
    Our file SetupComplete.cmd looks like this:

    del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml
    del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml

    Put it in your scripts folder and you shouldn't have to clean your xml file by hand.

  3. Fri Sep 22 08:45:20 2017

    This seems to have been resolved by kernal 4.10.1
    Im suddenly able to both deploy&upload without having to destroy the gpt.

    Thanks alot! Keep up the good work! :)

  4. last year
    Thu May 18 11:18:37 2017

    @clonedeploy When you say that you are unable to produce any logs what is happening? When you cancel the task from the web does the client machine then reboot? It should take about a minute to cancel, or is it still hung?

    Sorry again for delay, had lots to do due to Cry virius.

    Cancel task from web instantly suceeds, no message and no log. The machine does not move from looking for disks.

    I got a new lead tho, someone proposed running secure erease on drives from bios, havent had time to try that yet but I will get back as soon as I have tried it.

  5. Thu May 11 09:46:11 2017

    @clonedeploy I would like to see a log before you do anything manually. Clean install of Windows 10, don't run sgdisk, etc. Start an upload task from the web, make sure web cancellable is selected. When it freezes on looking for hard drives, cancel the task from the web, and attach the log.

    *Cast revive on this thread*

    I have just tried on a new out of the box PC of same model, still same issue and unable to produce any logs.
    Should I try a pre win 10 anniversary update (1607)?

    Note that the anniversary update works on SSD devices, this is the only model I got with a M2 drive using the nvme protocol.

    Need the helpz :(

  6. Thu May 4 07:44:00 2017

    @clonedeploy I would like to see a log before you do anything manually. Clean install of Windows 10, don't run sgdisk, etc. Start an upload task from the web, make sure web cancellable is selected. When it freezes on looking for hard drives, cancel the task from the web, and attach the log.

    Hi and sorry for the delay!
    I am unable to produce any logs, not sure why..

    Created new PC > assinged the empty image name > Clean W10 LTSB in auditmode > Start upload > Cancel upload after aprox 10min.

    @ All active tasks = PCname Status 0.
    @ Computers > PCname > Logs = No logs found.
    @ Admin > Logs > On demand = No new logs.

  7. Fri Apr 28 13:08:35 2017

    @clonedeploy According to your log, this hard drive has no partition table. If you ran sgdisk -Z /dev/nvme0n1p1 then you wiped it out. It should have been a lowercase z

    Right, I logged with uppercase Z because I had tried lowercase before and tried upper after that.. did not remeber to add that in original post, sorry.


    Ran sgdisk -z /dev/nvme0n1p1 (with lowercase z)
    Found invalid GPT and valid MBR: converting MBR to GPT Format in memory.

    Exact type match not found for type code 2700; assigning typ code for 'Linux filesystem'
    Exact type match not found for type 6C00; assigning typ code for 'Linux filesystem'

    Warning! Secoundary partition table overlaps the last partition by 3888657333 blocks!
    You will need to delete this partition or resize it in another utility.
    Warning: The kernel is still using the old partition table.
    The new table will be used at the next reboot or after you run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8)
    FPT data structures destroyed! You may now partition the disk using fdisk or other utilities.

    Upload still stops at **looking for hard drives(s)**

  8. Fri Apr 28 08:24:14 2017
    S Saint started the conversation NEW ** Looking for hard drives ** Issue?.

    I am well aware of the looking for hard drives solution > sgdisk -z /dev/sda
    It is not working for me.

    HP z240 Workstation, nvme m2 (samsung) drive + Windows 10 generates the **looking for hard drives(s)** error.
    Fresh install of W10 LTSB, no additional drivers/software installed.

    nvme0n1 259:0 0 238.5G 0 disk
    |-nvme0n1p1 259:1 0 500M 0 part
    '-nvme0n1p2 259:2 0 238G 0 part

    sgdisk -Z /dev/nvme0n1p1
    sgdisk -Z /dev/nvme0n1p2
    Completes and removes GPT structure, no change.

    sgdisk -Z /dev/nvm0n1
    Completes and removes GPT structure, new issue: Can't find drives.
    See attached log.

    Disabled uefi boot (to force legacy boot).
    Turned off secureboot.
    Turned off raid.

    Created a new image and ticked remove GPT structures at profiles.
    Tried different Kernals (4.5 and 4.9.8x64).
    Reset by generating a new boot file.

    Other OS:
    Windows 7 is possible to install/deploy/upload on nvme drives after patching Clonedeploy to 1.2.1
    Even tried keeping the sucessful Windows 7 partitions and install Windows 10 on those, but installer errors out with something like: can't install Windows to GPT drives

    Please send teh help!

  9. Mon Feb 27 07:17:47 2017
    S Saint posted in Response code: 302.

    Yes it seems like it, see attached screenshot.
    Still same error, im testing in a VMware environment if that is any help.

  10. Thu Feb 23 07:19:40 2017
    S Saint started the conversation Response code: 302.


    First off - thanks for this awesome software!

    Im having trouble with the security settings. Since I work in a small group behind locked doors I figured I could disable the login.
    After doing so I generated a universal token, updated PXE settings and generated a new boot file. Still I encounter this error:

    ** Downloading corescripts **
    .....couldnot donwload script
    .....response code: 302

    Attached screenshot of the settings, everything except security is "out of the box" - What am I missing?
    Oh and everything works great when security is enabled, no other issues.

    All I found on the forum about this had to do with the unirversal token, but I have tried generating a new one but issue remains.

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