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    Wed Jun 1 16:03:18 2016

    Thought this was cool, and im sure others know about this but wanted to share just in case. I have always made my golden images from VirtualBox. I have a setup where there are 7 CD servers deployed, in different areas, and I wanted 1 central VM that hosts my "main" CD server in which I will create all of my images, then I use Cobian to distribute them to the other sites.

    The problem that I was sure I would run into is that on this main server I did not want a DHCP server running on it because we have one for our main network already and was not going to mess with it to configure it to do any PXE booting, its relied on in too many other ways. Also in some cases I work from home using VPN which can not communicate with our DHCP server anyway, so in VirtualBox when the iso loads it gets to the point that its trying to do a DHCP discover and it cant get an address, so the fix is to set the adapter to NAT mode and it will be assigned an IP from the host and at that point it works fantastic.

    Just wanted to share for future questions, and using Vbox is by far the easiest way to create and update images in my opinion.

    My next step is to try and automate the process when Cobian does the backups it will run a command to auto-export what images are created in the WEB UI and auto import that into each remote server, so if anyone is interested when I have that done I could share that too.

  2. Tue May 31 14:43:57 2016
    S semipro1337 started the conversation Global Image Profiles.

    Is it possible to have a global image profile? Or two?

    I ask because I only want 2 profiles, which are the same for every image. I want one that will auto-shutdown and I want basicall what the default does, auto-reboot. But I dont want to create and/or rename the Default every time I upload a new image.

    Is there a way to auto-assign image profiles and not have to create a new one every time?


    Great product by the way, I would hope your making something for all the time you put into this.

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