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  1. 5 months ago
    Mon May 1 10:52:59 2017
    E eliadl started the conversation User access control per image?.
    1. For example is there a way, maybe via user groups, to give a user Deploy-Upload permissions for one image and Deploy-Only permissions for another?
    2. What is the purpose of User Groups?
  2. Tue Apr 25 17:01:53 2017

    Ok, thanks.

  3. Tue Apr 25 17:00:53 2017

    Currently, I'm not able to allow a user to change a Computer's Image while protecting its MAC address.

  4. 6 months ago
    Sun Apr 23 13:40:38 2017

    I've created a user and granted him the permission to create, update and delete images.
    Then I applied this access control to a single existing image.
    Once the user deletes that image, by default all images become available to him.

  5. Tue Apr 18 09:19:05 2017
    E eliadl posted in Remote CLI\API commands?.

    If by chance you already have the API signatures in your current pipeline we'd really appreciate it if you could share it.

  6. Wed Apr 12 18:03:18 2017

    I cloned my CD server (Ubuntu Server on vm) in order to Upload its Image to my NFS share.
    Since that machine also mounts NFS (via /etc/fstab) could it cause a problem?
    (e.g. when preparing/shrinking the drive or whatever)

  7. Sun Apr 9 13:11:18 2017

    Thanks. How can I undo an approval as an admin?

  8. Sun Apr 9 12:14:17 2017
    E eliadl started the conversation What does it mean to approve an image?.

    Hi, sorry, but I'm having trouble finding the documentation related to this.
    What does it mean to approve an image?

  9. Sun Apr 9 08:26:16 2017

    It worked, thanks!

  10. Thu Apr 6 18:49:57 2017

    /mnt/external_storage is a local mount point on CloneDeploy Server to the external storage.
    If I understand correctly, you're suggesting that I keep this mount point, keep smb.conf pointing at it, but change\add the distribution point with the address of the external storage instead of the CloneDeploy server?

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