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    Wed Jan 24 19:21:10 2018

    Hello friends!

    My CloneDeploy system works great with bare metal servers and VMware. I've added Nutanix to our internal IT systems and I figured it would be awesome to be able to clone a VMware VM and deploy onto Nutanix as VM. Both being Linux based, I thought it would be the same, but apparently not.

    I get the error attached. Nutanix + CloneDeploy "Could not start download: Operation not supported. No more network devices."
    Here is the link it's sending me to. http://ipxe.org/err/3c0920

    net0 does get an IP of and sees the filename, but can not download.

    Is there a setting I can change in Admin settings? To get VMware to boot, I have to change Kernel to 4.13.2 and generate new token (was blank before).

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    Mon Oct 16 23:20:41 2017

    This is the other image we're trying. It just seems to do image sda1 and doesn't carry onto sda2. Obviously doesn't continue to sdb1.

  3. Mon Oct 16 23:09:33 2017
    S srslol started the conversation Issues deploying image to different size hard drive..

    Deploying image to different size hard drive, having issues. Windows 2012 partitions 2 different drives when installing, sure, we all know this, but when I go to deploy, if the hard drive size is different, it deploys but does not boot.

    These are Oracle X6-2 (something like that) servers with Win 2012 R2 installed. We've deployed on other servers exactly the same. I'm wondering if the boot "stamp" doesn't write, and if so, how could I find out?

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