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    Tue Oct 16 17:28:53 2018
    T themip3 posted in Kernel NMI Errors.

    Cloning Linux, so yeah unfortunately so. Have a nice day, thank you again!

  2. Tue Oct 16 17:18:51 2018
    T themip3 posted in Kernel NMI Errors.

    Just did, and same thing :( Thank you for trying to help, I'm not sure this one is meant to be though xD

  3. Tue Oct 16 16:52:46 2018
    T themip3 posted in Kernel NMI Errors.

    Tried placing it in the boot menu file editor directly and in the image profile PxE section....I probably did it wrong with my luck...

  4. Tue Oct 16 16:12:15 2018
    T themip3 posted in Kernel NMI Errors.

    Alright, so tried ACPI=off and still received errors and this time I got a screen almost like multicolor TV static after the errors were thrown...though I think I've gotten that before I tried ACPI off

  5. Tue Oct 16 15:54:30 2018
    T themip3 posted in Kernel NMI Errors.

    So I checked that, and there's not really any except maybe "Dynamic CPU frequency Mode" which has two options, "Always low" and "Dynamic Switch" . Neither of those made too much of a difference, but I'll try the acpi=off thing, will report back.

  6. Tue Oct 16 06:43:05 2018
    T themip3 started the conversation Kernel NMI Errors.

    Hi, so I'm attempting to image a set of four Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5300 laptops. I've tried every kernel provided by CloneDeploy and on SourceForge, and I keep getting an extremely odd error on every one of them. Some research tells me it's a kernel-related issue, but I'm curious: Should I have to keep trying kernels other than these provided ones?

    The error I receive is usually one or two copies of these lines:

    "Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 3c on CPU 0.
    Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
    Dazed and confused, but trying to continue"

    After those lines, the machine just shuts off.

    Usually this occurs when CloneDeploy starts writing MBR / GPT Tables, but it's occurred both before and after.
    Due to my small amount of laptops at this point, I *could* just do clean USB installs, however I might get up to 30 more soon, so I'd prefer not to do that.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Wed Apr 12 16:57:24 2017

    My fdisk skills are okay, but I can always learn if there's something I don't know. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll try that the next chance I get.

  8. Wed Apr 12 02:43:54 2017

    That's weird as well...the thing is, the very first image I ever created with CD was on a 500GB hard drive, have since switched to 160, but I've never used anything over 500GB...I uploaded the current image in On Demand mode, and was deploying also in on demand mode...this is just weird .-.

    So really, I guess the question would become: How on earth is this bad partition table being generated? I created a new image before I went home for the day, and used a different computer to pull from, but the same results were yielded.

  9. Tue Apr 11 18:30:13 2017

    I tried it with the "Don't Expand Volumes" option, and it doesn't change anything. Here's that log.

  10. Tue Apr 11 18:09:10 2017

    It's in On Demand mode, but here's the most recent log from that UUID.

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