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    Wed Mar 1 10:12:55 2017
    E emil.larsson started the conversation API for managing from external application?.


    Is there any plans to include a REST API that you could access from any other application to automate the process.

    • Add new Machine
    • Automate tasks and monitor them
  2. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 6 13:19:34 2016
    E emil.larsson started the conversation ControlSet001 and 002.

    I started having issues on my XP POS machines. When we are deploying we are not updating the hostname automatically anymore.

    I was looking through the cd_push script and it only changes ControlSet001 if the other methods fail. i have now modified it to accommodate every variation i can think of. :)

    Do you have a better solution than to change both 001 and 002?

  3. Fri Jun 17 05:46:14 2016
    E emil.larsson posted in Imaging Scripts - mount.

    Yes that worked perfectly.

    I might add something like this to cd_global_functions. Just need to figure out how to determine which drive to mount in an efficient way.

    I will post my scripts here for everyone to use. :)

  4. Thu Jun 16 17:02:01 2016
    E emil.larsson posted in Imaging Scripts - mount.


    The issue i am having is when i run the script in post it cannot change anything on the deployed disk because the drive is not mounted anymore.

    Do you have any easy way to mount it again or do i have to build it into my script?

  5. Thu Jun 16 07:47:36 2016
    E emil.larsson started the conversation Imaging Scripts - mount.

    I need to run my script to change an .ini file. (Look at my previous post)
    At the moment i run the script at the bottom of cd_push after change_computer_name.

    What happens then is that my script runs twice. If i run it as a separate imaging script i can't get it to mount the drive again.

    Do you have an easier way to mount the drive? Like a global function i can use?

  6. Wed Jun 15 07:48:01 2016
    E emil.larsson posted in Using sed to edit textfiles.


    That worked perfectly :D

  7. Tue Jun 14 19:53:11 2016
    E emil.larsson started the conversation Using sed to edit textfiles.

    What version of sed are you using in the boot image?

    Tested this command on ubuntu:
    sed -i "s/^value3=.*/value3=$cust_attr_1/" "$varFile"

    The output is correct with a newline and value4=.

    When i run the script from within the boot image after deployment.
    This is the file before:

    This is the file after:

  8. Tue Jun 7 20:41:52 2016
    E emil.larsson posted in Boot Image - Python 2.7/3.5.

    I will try this ASAP.

    Do you have some more information on how you created/modified the boot image for CloneDeploy. ex. if you based it on someones work or created it from scratch? I am going to read some more into how i would embed python into/beside the boot image or deployment process.

  9. Tue Jun 7 19:48:55 2016
    E emil.larsson posted in Boot Image - Python 2.7/3.5.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Until you are able to add it to the boot image... :)
    Is it possible to use files/folders to upload a freezed python executable and run it from an imaging script?
    or would i be using it in the wrong way?

  10. Tue Jun 7 18:51:32 2016
    E emil.larsson started the conversation Boot Image - Python 2.7/3.5.

    Hi there!
    I was wondering if it is possible (easy within reason xD ) to add python 2.7/3.5 to the boot image for advanced scripting with the possibility to access an API (or MySQL db directly)?

    Our company sells/lease PC cash registers and when we lease cash registers there are a bunch of settings that has to be done on each machine. Today we are using CD to deploy a standard image for each PC and CD makes sure they always get the same Computer Name. After that we set all the other settings manually.

    P.S. The rest of our backend system is running on python and flask API.

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