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    Tue Apr 18 11:27:38 2017
    Spiker985 posted in Could not mount SMB share .

    I do not see any attached images.

  2. Wed Apr 12 11:59:33 2017
    Spiker985 started the conversation PE Builder doesn't like spaces.

    The CD PE Builder cannot be used in a path that contains spaces with the way that variables are currently set and called. Having a space within your directory will make cmd error out with "directoryname is not expected at this time"

    If I knew more about how it was calling things, I might be able to rewrite it to be inclusive of all directories. The other option, would be to rewrite it within a powershell script and execute that script from batch using powershell.exe -nologo -executionpolicy bypass -command "& 'path\to\script\script.ps1'"

    The other other option, which is what I did, would be to just move it to a directory with no spaces.

  3. Wed Apr 12 11:34:03 2017

    Yep, found the log. It couldn't find a file, because I was an idiot and forgot about said file.

  4. Tue Apr 11 17:43:43 2017
    Spiker985 started the conversation Update PXE settings - Could not copy PXE binaries.

    Since I don't have access to the DHCP settings for our DHCP server I looked into Proxy DHCP. I set CD's "Using Proxy DHCP" to Yes, I also regenerated the bios, efi32 and efi64 boot images. When I click update PXE settings, it says "Could not copy PXE binaries". Any help?

  5. Tue Apr 11 15:04:33 2017
    Spiker985 posted in Server IP change.

    Okay, since you use Windows DHCP for production, is there any specific changes that must be made to accommodate CD?

  6. Tue Apr 11 14:55:02 2017
    Spiker985 posted in Server IP change.

    Alright, cool. Another quick question, can you use a windows DHCP server for PXE booting, or are you required to use tftpd32?

  7. Tue Apr 11 13:52:49 2017
    Spiker985 started the conversation Server IP change.

    Originally when I set our clonedeploy server up, I ran through the process of setting it up under a different network. Now, the previous network settings will no longer work going forward.

    Is the process as straight forward as changing the settings in Admin settings, and making sure that tftpd32 binds correctly, or is there some other hidden place it must be changed as well? I haven't made the changes yet and want to be sure before I do.

  8. Wed Apr 5 14:17:53 2017
    Spiker985 posted in Determine CD version.

    It's not currently working, I believe some Windows updates came through and wrecked havoc on some components.

  9. Wed Apr 5 14:11:08 2017
    Spiker985 posted in Determine CD version.

    Not receiving any errors, it's been almost a year since I've messed with my CD server and I'm trying to get it back up and running for this summer. I'm remembering flashes of things I did previously, which I have already copied from the directory. Would it just be better to reinstall?

  10. Wed Apr 5 13:59:35 2017
    Spiker985 started the conversation Determine CD version.

    The machine that runs my CD server is Win10 and has undergone some updates which I think might have wiped out the IIS settings among other things. I wanted to see what version I have so that I can see if I update CD if it will fix said problem, or if I have to uninstall/reinstall CD backing up configurations and images of course.


    Is there a way to determine which version of CD a machine is running?
    Is there a way to determine/fix IIS settings?

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