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    Fri Feb 9 17:58:38 2018
    S slong002 started the conversation Upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x on Linux..

    I need to upgrade from 1.0.1. I saw that this must be done incrementally. I cannot find any documentation for upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x on Linux.

    Is there documentation for this? If not, how should I start?

  2. 2 years ago
    Wed Jun 15 14:54:21 2016
    S slong002 started the conversation Adding Sites, Buildings, and Rooms.

    When I attempt to add Sites, Rooms, and Buildings, nothing happens. The page refreshes and the text fields clear, but nothing else.

  3. Wed Jun 15 13:02:05 2016


  4. Wed Jun 15 12:56:06 2016
    S slong002 started the conversation Info About Sysprep Tags and Hostnames.

    Getting ready for my first deployment to a lab. I want to name each computer [School Name]-[Room Number]-[Sequential Number]. Can I do this CloneDeploy and sysprep tags? Does the documentation cover this for someone who is clueless? I've looked, but had no luck finding anything but a brief glimpse at sysprep tags.

  5. Tue Jun 14 18:20:55 2016

    That is what I just did and it worked. Although fastboot in my BIOS and FastStartup in Windows were both turned off/disabled, the hiberfil.sys file still remained on the root of my Windows drive. When I used powercfg to turn disable hibernation, the file was removed. Thanks so much.

  6. Tue Jun 14 17:00:21 2016

    I see the BIOS splash and checkdisk scans and reaches 100%. The video output is adjusted (both of my monitors lose video). The video output returns (just the BIOS splash). Then checkdisk appears again still saying it is 100% complete.

    Also, I ran checkdisk from the disk properties snap-in in windows. Found no errors then, either.

  7. Tue Jun 14 16:50:30 2016

    Should I try this to cancel a check?

    chkntfs /x c:

  8. Tue Jun 14 16:48:56 2016

    Bitlocker is off.

  9. Tue Jun 14 16:44:04 2016

    So, I saw this in the log:

    ...... cd_reporter 1 partclone & partclone.ntfs -B -c -s /dev/sda4 | lz4 -1 -c > /storage/images/Stephen_Long_Desktop/hd0/part4.ntfs.lz4
    Partclone v0.2.86 http://partclone.org
    Starting to clone device (/dev/sda4) to image (-)
    Reading Super Block
    ntfsclone-ng.c: NTFS Volume '/dev/sda4' is scheduled for a check or it was shutdown
    uncleanly. Please boot Windows or fix it by fsck.

    But I've been running checkdisk and rebooting twice. And there are no more Windows updates available. System in up to date.

  10. Tue Jun 14 16:35:34 2016

    This is when I had "Do Not Shrink Volumes" checked.

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